6 Brilliant Brand Building Strategies for Small Businesses in 2019


With 30 million+ small businesses having active pages on Facebook and 19 million on mobile, one cannot deny the fact that startups and small businesses are on the rise. Now, the question is what brings recognition to these businesses? The answer is “branding.” It’s the recall factor that matters when it comes to successful establishment of any business.

If we are to talk about real life instances and analyze how branding makes a difference, lets’ talk about something interesting. What makes a local apparel brand less recognizable than the one having a “Nike” or a “Levis Strauss” engraved on it? The answer is successful “branding.” Irrespective of the differences in terms of the quality of the products, a popular brand name often draws the most number of consumers.

Now that you’ve ventured out with your business and plan to roll out new products with an aim to foster recall values and brand persona, here are the top six brand building strategies for small businesses to follow in 2019.

Watch out!

Prioritize customer retention as a major goal

Reportedly, 89% of customers have abandoned companies after experiencing poor customer service. If we are to pay heed to such stats, customer retention should always be a primary goal for every small business aiming to build successful brand strategies.

As the owner of a startup, you must choose to build an image of a reliable brand that acknowledges its clients and leverages the true value of the company. Do not get too carried away while building a brand strategy. You will only end up making promises that are too good to be true. Broken promises will only lead to broken consumer relationships.

Don’t mimic the big fishes

Prof. Adam Matthews, associate coordinator of an online academic essay help provider says …

It had all started from scratch for us. We didn’t have a protocol or an idea to back up our branding strategies. All that we knew at that moment was that mimicking won’t help the branding game to level up. The marketing guy helped us to come up with a unique brand name, personality, look and feel. I think the journey has been a successful one since then.

Trying to copy the brand personalities and strategies followed by the big brands in the market is equivalent to digging the grave for your startup. You cannot expect your brand to grow or make an impression of uniqueness among the potential buyers by merely imitating your competitors. The idea is to create your own aura and charm, operate independently and strategize distinctive branding to attract your target customers.

Go for a unique “brand look and feel”

Can you imagine Nike coming up with a basketball-themed logo out of the blue? Is it even relatable? The answer is “No.” What if I ask you to restore the original “Swoosh” logo of the brand? Is it more comfortable for you to relate to? The answer is likely to be a “Yes.”  This is what a consistent brand image does to your products and services. It creates a permanent image and sets a distinct brand value. Being an entrepreneur of a startup or any small business, you should always try and follow this strategy.

Never try to be experimental with your brand logo, design, font styles and colors. Each of these ingredients is responsible for making the brands grow big. A sudden change of theme might just make things difficult for your target consumers to relate to. Are you wondering about the consequence? You will be immediately exposed to the risk of losing clients, resulting in a downward sales graph, etc.

Foster impactful branding with user-generated web content

Coming up with user-generated content is the key to the success of branding. Including your users’ voice and depicting their mindset, likes and dislikes all over social media will help your brand to evolve as a medium of expression.

Embracing influencer marketing can be an effective way to foster impactful branding. 93% of marketers are already experiencing improved brand exposure through influencer engagement.

From #hashtag branding campaigns to encouraging interactive contests for your customers; there can be a lot of ways to create and promote user-generated content for enhanced brand exposure. The idea is to pick the right strategy, and come up with something that remains in sync with your products and brand persona.

Choose brand names wisely to leave a lasting impression

In a market flooded with an umpteenth number of startups and small businesses, you might find it difficult to stand out with a unique name for your brand. But that is exactly where one must consider putting in the efforts. Merely coming up with a name that describes what your company does isn’t the kind of brand building strategy you want to embrace.

It will only make for a dull description that no one likes to read about. Small business owners should refrain from using acronyms and initials if SEO ranking for the brand is a concern. Try coming up with something unique and simple. A brand name should be relatable and easy to find on the web. Conduct thorough surveys and take note of the major search queries made by your target consumers. This will help you to know about the words and phrases they type more often. This, as a result, will help you to level up the brand name by securing a permanent position in the front page of Google search.

Make your brand climb the ladders of major social media networks

According to a branding statistic, global brands spend 45 to 75% of their social media time on Facebook and Twitter. In today’s world of social media dominance, a brand cannot do without having its name registered among the minds of social media users. According to an estimate, 2.77 billion social media users will dominate the market by 2019. So, you should not doubt the significance of this network, especially when it comes to branding.

Even though you manage to attract and rope in one third of the total estimated count, it will prove to be something gratifying for your business. With every brand strategy that you build, content marketing initiatives will roll out shortly. You should make it a point to recognize social media as a productive platform and use it to meet the objectives of your business. Missing out on leveraging its potential will only create setbacks for an otherwise seamless sales graph.
Now that you known about the strategies that can help your branding aspirations take flight, take out some time to conduct a market survey and monitor all leading brands in a given market. After a thorough evaluation of fact and figure, simply choose to embrace a game plan that best suits your corporate agendas.


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