4 interesting ways you can use 3D Printing to create a prototype


3d printing service is a bliss for every industry, It has simplified the designing and manufacturing process along with an interesting approach towards the prototype designing. As there are so many ways to create a traditional prototype but, the fun of creating something using this amazing technology is priceless.

The 3d rapid prototyping services are the warehouse of creativity and innovation.

Here are 4 interesting ways to use 3D Printing for creating an amazing prototype.

1. Play with the manufacturing material:
The 3d printing technology is all about doing experiments with your prototype and to craft something unique. One of the interesting ways to create a fantastic object is to try some different printing material to give an unusual texture to the product. There are so many printers available from which you can even mix two or more material to print a single thing.

The bonus of experimenting with the material is that you can try and test the durability and quality of various materials by crafting out a prototype of an object. People have done so many experiments with the material and created breathtaking stuff. Some printed a chocolate cake, some printed artificial human tissue, the innovation is seamless with this cutting-edge technology.

People are also trying to make the printing material out of natural waste including plant waste, biowaste and much to build outstanding stuff. Recently, A team of engineering students announced that they will make houses and bathrooms using the 3d printers from natural waste.

2. Never Ending Customizations with CAD:
You will never run out of interesting designs when you create a perfect blend of 3d printing and CAD software. You can take any traditional prototype design and spice it up with your creativity to draft something fascinating and more useful. Improving a product’s usability and efficiency is the biggest task when it comes to designing a prototype.

There are many good online 3d printing companies which can help you in creating a robust and unique design for your product. You don’t have to worry if you are not familiar with technologies like CAD, you can take help from any 3d printing agency to craft your idea with perfection without compromising the wow factor.

The 3d printing can help you in your every business. From fashion to manufacturing, from automobile to small and local workshop. If you are not leveraging the potential of this technology, don’t hold yourself back. It’s the perfect time to get started with these modern technologies to fine tune your business and manufacturing process.

3. Say Hello To Artificial Intelligence:
The Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the whole world of 3d printing and prototyping. Many companies are using the combination of AI and 3d printing to improve the product quality and also the manufacturing process.

There are tons of interesting stuff which you can do with your prototype using the intelligence. While designing your product, you can make sure you are making an error-free blueprint using AI. Researchers have developed various advanced algorithms for the 3d printing by which complex industrial designs can be easily drafted in less time with greater precision.

There are many interesting experiments going on in this niche. A company has developed an AI-based object scanning software which can analyze micro-cracks of the object which are impossible to see by any other means. If you are also having a productive unique idea and want a platform to get your prototype idea shaped into reality, you must check out online 3d printing service India companies which offers amazing services.

4. Applying Reverse Engineering concepts in prototypes:
Nothing can be more curious and fun to backtrack a product to find out some coolest facts about that product and improving its shortcomings. Reverse engineering is a unique approach to create your prototype. Using this reverse engineering technique is having numerous benefits in itself.

Use this approach to improve the prototype of an existing object. You can not only improve the design but also enhance the usability of your product by backtracking the manufacturing process.

Think Out of The Box:

These were some of the tips which you can leverage to create something unique and mesmerizing. But don’t hold yourself back to only these tips, think out of the box and use 3d printing to the next level of creativity. The sky is the only limit when it comes to additive manufacturing.

This is going to be the backbone technology for major industries. The market of additive manufacturing is increasing at a rapid speed. Till the year 2021, this industry will be of more than $ 21 billion and dominating many other industries in upcoming years. The 3d prototyping is so interesting that it can never be out of trend and latest technology.
Author Bio:

Rohan Kadam is the director of 3D Spectra Technologies LLP. He is offering 3D printing services in India for last 5 years. He has earned good success in 3D printing industry for his unique and custom designs for his clients. You can also buy 3d printers in India at affordable price.



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