Most needed Magento extensions for better e-commerce development


If you want to develop your e-commerce store very effectively then you must know about Magento extension. First of all, let’s see what is Magento extension? Magento extension is different functionalities which are added to the Magento e-commerce store for more features. And we can also say that Magento extensions are a group of different methods which provides different functionalities to the Magento store. The extension word suggest itself that add some extra and this extra makes your store effective as business prospective.

Through Magento extension we can manage sales invoices, RMA reports, Product reports and analyze whole e-commerce store. While below Magento extensions/ Modules are best Magento extensions as per research of Magento customers reviews.  The main goal of any e-commerce store is easiness and manageability of business.

Cash on Delivery Filter By Zip Code:

This feature is provided by Magento for the different country but what if when a site owner wants this feature for a specific region. At that time we have to add an extension which ‘provide Cash on a Delivery feature by Zip Code’. This extension allows us for adding the specific zip code.

Return Management Authorization (RMA):

RMA extension is used for return orders easily. This extension is very easy and efficient for returning for the customer. In this customer can create return or exchange request and get an email of state of the return request.

Product Review Notification to Admin:

Customer review of any product is the most important thing for an e-commerce store. By this extension, admin gets an email whenever any customer give reviews of any product so that admin get an idea that what is happening in the store. And then after admin can approve/ disapprove that review.

Product Promotional Label:

To attract more customer, product promotional label is very important. With this label, we can highlight the product by custom labels. By this extension, a customer comes to know that which product is on sale. So, it can increase sales for an e-commerce store.

Advanced Newsletter Sender:

In Magento, there is one functionality by which admin can send the newsletter to all customer. But what if when admin wants to send a newsletter to a specific customer. For that, we can use advance newsletter sender extension. So, this extension is used for sending newsletter to specific group of customer.

SEO Suite for Magento 2:

SEO suit is most important extension which takes care of duplicate content issues, improve site indexation rate and even build powerful internal links for magento store.We can get more traffic by this SEO suit. In this extension rich snippet, internal links and other functionalities are available.

Multilingual CMS:

Multilingual CMS extension is used for the making CMS block in the desired language. By this extension, we do not need to create CMS block for each store but that will be managed by a single page. By store switcher, we can switch the store and add content in page/ block in store.

Smart Alternative Product Selector:

In the e-commerce site, important thing is to show products as user want. If we show related/ alternative product to a customer then it makes a good effect. This extension shows the cross-selling product, upsells and rated product on the base of the searched product. So, this makes a good effect on the customer.

Fraud Order Detection System:

Sometimes the user does an order for a product but cancels it without any proper result so this is known as fraud order and effects on store also. By this extension, any fraud order is detected automatically. This extension found the fraud order based on customer name, email, IP address, city, country and other parameters.

Custom Option Manager:

By Custom option manager we can edit / add / remove multiple option for products. Magento is providing this functionality  but it is not that much effective and for that this extension is very important.Store owner or admin can manage multiple custom option for multiple product.

Review Reminder:

Reviews are most important for any product to an e-commerce store. If any product gets more reviews then customer see all reviews and based on that they make a decision of purchase. This Review Reminder feature automatically gives notification to the customer about giving reviews for a product that they have purchased via email. To earn the trust of customer reviews are most important.

Product Feed:

With this extension, we can create a custom feed for different products and allows to submit them to a different search engine. It also allows the functionality of creating a feed from different as per products attributes, values, names, etc. By this extension, we can generate manually feeds.

Real-Time Auction:

Magento is not providing the functionality of auction as default. So, what if when store owner wants to sell any product at the auction. At that time Real-time Auction extension is useful. In this extension admin/store owner can manage auction, set the prices, bidding history, a gap of the bids, notification, permissions, etc.

There are lots of extensions available in the market for e-commerce development. But it takes effect on e-commerce store if we add important extensions to get customers trust. Keep in mind, add the extensions after analyzing the need of customer and store. Magento is providing Custom themes for store.  Sometimes if we add randomly extensions which actually useless that makes bad effect on a store.

Adding relevant extensions, which can attract more customer. Extensions depend on which type of products/business you have. When you want to expand your business and make it more powerful at that time extensions helps a lot. If you want to satisfy your customer then extensions make it worthy. Customers are always looking for some exciting and attractive. With one time setup, you can attract your customers. You can even compare a result of a store after and before extensions.

So, choose every extension wisely because it matters a lot. I hope you get an idea about Magento extensions. Hope this helps..!


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