Take A Trip to The Himachal and Meet a New You

Himachal with Holiday Packages

India’s vast terrains offer everything, beaches, hills, valleys, desert, and forests. Most people love hills and that is why tourism in Himachal is the most popular. The mountainous regions of the Himalayas are vast. It offers different types of hill stations. Some are always humid and pleasant like in Shimla or Darjeeling; some are dry and rugged like Leh and Spiti. Some are green, some are all brown. Some are small hill while some are lofty mountains.

The Range of Vacation Destinations

If you want to go on a short vacation, check out some Himachal holiday packages to find out where you could go on a short notice. If you have been planning a vacation for a while now, it will be all easy. But if you go for an impromptu vacation on a weekend, go for a hill station close by to unwind and come back with all the energy you need to carry on with your work life for six more tedious months.

You can go for a long trip to Kinnaur, or Nainital and the surrounding regions. You could go on a short trip to Kasol or Mcleodganj for a weekend getaway. These are just some popular examples. There are literally hundreds of places you can go to if you search everything in Himachal Pradesh. There are tens of pretty and serene villages surrounding every major city that welcomes tourists.

Versatile Experience

Himachal tourism covers a wide range of cultural and natural sightseeing spots. The architecture, cuisine, and landscapes of every spot is unique. You will feel a connection with yourself when you find yourself in the lap of Nature with the pristine rivers and playful waterfalls. The history of each place, each temple, monastery, or art museum comprises a mysterious or surprising story. You will fall in love with the Himachal tour you go for. No matter which package you choose or which place you choose to go to on your own.

It’s for Everyone

A Himachal tour is the best place for an Indian honeymoon destination. It is also a great place for friends to go on a trip together. Families have been going to the Himachal since decades. A ten year old will look at the mountains with wide eyes while a fifty year old will take a stroll through the narrow streets in the breezy weather. There’s many famous places in Himachal, one of which is Shimla. One can go for Shimla tour package for a convenient and hazzle free trip.

If you want to go on a bike trek, you go for a Himachal tour. If you want to hitchhike, you go to the Himachal. If you simply want to relax in a calm and cool hotel room, you go to the Himachal. You can never get too tired of going for a Himachal trip just one more time. No matter what your mood is looking for, no matter how old you are, or what kind of place you are in life, a Himachal tour will provide you with the kind of nurturing and soul searching you need.

The Loving locals

The people of Himachal Pradesh are warm and welcoming. Of course they have to be because a lot of their earnings depend on tourism. But that is not the only reason why they are so warm and hospitable. The pahari people are good by nature. You will feel that when you are in their company. You will forget about all the negative things in your life when you are living among them. This is why the Himachal, including the North Indian sites, and North East India, are all very good places for a solo trip.

People often prefer to stay at home stays, instead of a government or private hotel. This helps them stay closer to the locals and get to live their lifestyle for a few days. Well, just the waking up early and eating simple yet tasty homemade meals, the hard working people of the Himachal have to do every day, is inspiring. Of course, you will not live that life, but you get to see it. When you see the smile on their faces despite all that work of a tough long day, you are filled with a positivity.

The local children are playful and intelligent. The pahari children are beautiful inside out. If you are someone who just wants to go to a certain place and stay put, maybe reading or writing, you will welcome the interruption of these little kids. They are so much more mature than any other children on the plains. Perhaps because they are born in the cold but peaceful villages, there is something that sets them apart from the children of a metro city.

Blend into The Simplicity

90 percent of the population of the pahari regions live in villages. Their villages are clean and serene. You will want to stay there forever, or at least go back once in a year. Some of these villages have strong network coverage while some others don’t even have electricity most of the time of the day. But neither will you need electricity, unless you go out at night which is not an option because of the wild animals, nor will you remember anything about the internet, when you are enjoying a tranquil time that will last just as long as a careless blink of an eye.

The Himachal is the perfect getaway,be it Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Kasol, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Lahaul, Kinnaur, or Spiti, Nainital, Ranikhet, or Kausaani, you will never feel like you have had enough of this place. You will love the rivers, the many lakes, and the waterfalls. You will love the early morning chirpings of the melodious birds. Yes, it is all just as dreamy as it sounds. There is no exaggeration there.

The Himachal has been a popular shooting location as well. Movies like Roja, Jab We Met, Veer Zaara, Highway, and many others have been shot in this state. Apart from a brilliant spectacle, Himachal Pradesh offers some adventurous activities as well. Paragliding, extreme hiking, mountain climbing are some examples.

Do visit the Himachal when you are planning a vacation next time. Take a look at various Himachal tour packages available if you want your trip planned according to your needs. Go solo, go in a group, go with your partner, plan it yourself, get a package, do whatever suits your convenience. You will love a Himachal trip.


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