Tips & advice to hire a wedding magician


It is a perfect ice-breaker for your guests while you are hiring a magician for your wedding. Including those of close-up magicians, cabaret/stage magicians, illusionists, mentalists/ mind readers & children’s magicians as well as wedding magician Sydney, there are several types of magicians who are available.To your wedding breakfast, dinner, or evening reception, they can all bring in something special.

Today we will introduce you to all here in this article.

Choosing a close-up magician

Usually with a repertoire including the sleight of hand card magic, coin magic, rope magic, making the objects disappear and reappear in your guest’s hands, changing the currency of the bank notes, pushing the bottles through the tables, sticking the signed cards to the ceilings and all sorts of other unbelievable tricks and wizardry is how a close-up magician will perform their miracles right under your nose.

To inject some magic and amazement at your drinks reception or throughout the evening, performing to guests standing at the bar or out on the balcony as they can move around from group to group as they can mingle with the guests. A magician hire will be able to entertain the people out there. At your wedding breakfast, lunch or dinner, baffling and delighting the guests of all ages, they can also stroll around from table to table. To pass the time in between courses, it is a great way.

There are professionals out there who can bring about a great event. The magicians have an infectious personality and brilliant sense of humor that will delight the guests being a skilled craftsman who will never fail to leave his audience in an awestruck. Including the cards, coins and even the jewelry, they use a great array of tricks and props.

Choosing to hire a mentalist/mind reader

There is a great deal of mind reading routines that are performed by the mentalists and the mind readers. A number, a card or another object to be written down or merely thought of is what they will ask is for a number. To manage your guess what it is they will then completely blow your guests away mysteriously. So that you can look at their publicity or contact them to ask if this is something that they can offer, the close-up magicians will perform their mind-reading technique.

Choosing to hire a cabaret or a stage magician

For your evening reception for the magic or illusion performed on stage is the other option that you need to consider. All at the same time, the magician show Sydney will help you to entertain your guests all at the same time. An illusionist could also be a fantastic way to impress and for the smaller venues, a cabaret or stage magician is equally impressive and an ideal form of wedding entertainment if your venue has a stage with enough space.

They will include the groom in a comedy routine as they could really bring the party to life. So how about hiring an illusionist to saw the bride in half? If your taste is to have a great choice of evening entertainment, you need to bear in mind that the mentalist and the mind readers will also perform at the stage shows.

You are guaranteed with a unique talent and a spell binding show that combines magic with comedy and a fun packed entertainment at night.

Choosing to hire children’s magician

It is a great way to add some extra special fun to the drinks reception at a wedding by hiring a children’s magician. In the knowledge that the kids will be thrilled with the dazzling trickery and mind-blowing illusions that are all wrapped up in a crazily fun show, you can relax, mingle with your guests and sip over the champagne.

So why not have a children’s magician set up a table at the corner of the main hall where they will be captivated by wizardry that may include the puppets, silly faces, and definitely a whole load of belly laughs and most children will not appreciate the evening reception at a wedding.


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