Everything you need to know about semi-permanent makeup

semi-permanent makeup

If you haven’t heard about semi-permanent makeup, then it’s popularly known as micropigmentation. As the beautician tries to enhance the beauty, the temporary cosmetic tattooing gives a new look to your eyebrows. Basically, the procedure involves tiny particles of pigment that are introduced just beneath the skin. So, here’s everything you need to know about semi-permanent makeup.


The procedure pertaining microblading is very much simple. As the expert uses a nano-needle and pigment, she is sure to make it for an illusion of full eyebrows. The 3D effect is created with the help of a tiny tool that cuts minute hair-like strokes into the brows. As you move on with the treatment, it might take as much as 60-90 minutes and is totally pain-free. But, once the pigments set in, the effect can last for a time span of two years depending on how you take care of the brows. Blood may ooze out once the expert is done microblading skillfully and the area might take at least a week to heal.

Ombre Shading

Synonymous to microblading, Ombre shading uses a nano-needle to augment the shape of the eyebrows. The cosmetic procedure is suitable for women who prefer subtler brows. Soon after the treatment, the shading certainly creates a softer and a powdery look. While the effect lasts for one or two years, the skin gets healed within a week.

Combined Technique

As the name suggests, the combined techniques consider elements from ombre and microblading procedures. The skin tone doesn’t really matter with the combined technique. As the expert is delighted to offer her services, the 3D-style hair strokes are combined with a gradient powder effect.


As the concealer is for those who appear tired after a hectic day. As the technique works towards covering up the skin and dark eyes, this would always serve to be the best option. The lady won’t rely on re-applying the makeup time and again. When it comes to describing a permanent concealer, the pigments are placed below the skin’s surface and are not clearly visible to the eyes. As the pigment works towards eliminating the dark areas, the skin becomes smooth and even.  Concealing is suitable for all skin tones and anyone who can’t find a way to cover up dark circles below the eyes. As compared to other techniques, the skin gets healed within three days.

Typically, a concealer treatment can be quite expensive and costs $15,000 for two sessions. However, the touch up treatment can be as much as $8,000.

Risks and complications with the cosmetic procedure

There are a few risks when the person’s face looks stunning with the semi-permanent makeup. While the results are very much dramatic, a different combination of pigments can contribute towards a tint that doesn’t look natural. This shouldn’t occur especially when the expert has years of experience. So, before jetting out, you should do your homework and search for someone who is skillful and confident.

When it comes to speaking of the side effects, the makeup may cause an allergic reaction. If this is what you are concerned about, then you should go through a skin sensitivity test prior to the treatment.

Scarring may not happen often but may occur if the expert loses focus and commits a mistake. Skin infection is yet another possibility that may occur if the needles are not sterilized. Make sure that you don’t touch or rub the area once the expert is done with the treatment.

What should be done after the semi-permanent makeup

There’s nothing to be uncomfortable about semi-permanent makeup. Once you undergo the treatment, you can resume your day to day activities. Initially, the pigment might appear dark and the area may appear red. In some cases, the skin might swell or have tiny cuts from which blood may ooze out.

Soon after you step out of the salon, you shouldn’t wander on a sunny day or plan to swim inside a pool. Avoid scratching the area and putting on make-up or a face pack for three or four days. If you are constantly wearing contact lenses, then it’s better to wear glasses for a couple of days after the treatment.

Daily Care Tips

  • Keep the eyebrows dry for at least two days. From the third day, it’s advisable to apply a healing bam for three times in a day.
  • In case you need to wash the skin, then you must use a facial cleanser for the first week. Never attempt to wash face with soap because the chemicals can lead to a reaction and bring in infection.
  • If the area stays dry for a long time, then trying cleaning the area with a cotton pad or a tissue.
  • If the skin starts itching, then you should avoid rubbing the skin as the pigment might not heal in a better way.
  • If you yet to master the art of beautifying the brows, then you should splurge on semi-permanent makeup. An experienced team would keep you happy at every step once you communicate your concerns or doubts about the cosmetic procedure.


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