Know Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms, Treatment & Survival Rate


Every year around 44,500 people in only USA and almost double are now diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It is the most common cancer in U.S. but the most common factor for death cause is forecast of pancreatic cancer is very hard, that is why the survival rates have been so high and difficult to improve it.

In past 10 years data shows that each person has different type of pancreatic cancer at different area. Survival rates will tell you what part of people with the same kind and stage of cancer are still alive a certain amount of time after they were diagnosed. It’s hard to tell anything for doctor before understanding cancer type and its affected area in your body.

For successful pancreatic cancer treatment it is highly required to understand that in which stage the cancer and in which part it is more affected by cancer.


Exocrine Pancreatic Survival Cancer Rates

Here I would like to present some important data received from research agency. People who can be treated with surgery tend to live longer than those not treated with surgery.

  • The 5 year of survival rate for people with stage of IA pancreatic cancer is around 13.5%. For stage IB cancer survival rate is around 11.5%.
  • For Stage IIA pancreatic cancer survival rate is around 7.5% and for IIB cancer survival rate is around 5%.
  • 3% of people are in stage III.
  • 1% of people are in stage IV, there are certain treatment available for this stage of cancer too.

Always remember, that above are just an estimates they can’t be predict what will happen to any individual person, so it is very important to be aware if you feel any symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

The biggest reason that people are not able to overcome from pancreatic cancer is that some of us simply ignore it at the beginning level. So here are the symptoms that you must know about pancreatic.

  • Loss of hunger
  • Weight Loss
  • Blood Clots
  • Depression
  • staining of your skin and the whites of your eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • liver enlargement
  • Diabetes
  • Diarrhea
  • high abdominal pain that may spread out to your back


If you are experience weight loss, depression, hunger loss, jaundice or any other symptoms that keep bother you all the time, then just don’t wait for more contact your doctor for check up for pancreatic cancer now.

If you know you that you are having a pancreatic cancer at the early stage it can be recovered quickly but if you know at 4th or 3rd stage it will be difficult to save person.

Various Type of Pancreatic Cancer Treatment


Normally cancer cells will start dividing and try to cover other parts of your body, so chemotherapy will start killing those cancer cells and stop dividing them. It can be injected by vein or taken orally. You may required a chemotherapy drugs combination or given by a pill. These therapy will immediate start its effect and you will feel the improvement very soon.

Some doctor also prefer to give chemotherapy after the surgery because in many cases to reduce the chances of recur pancreatic cancer it is required. You can also get this drug only with the combined with other drugs like albumin-bound paclitaxel, erlotinib, or capecitabine.

Chemotherapy can also be give with good combination with radiation that procedure that kills cancer cells with good energy rays. Some normal side effects are loss of hair, fatigue, and high risk for infection. So chemotherapy is really important to cure from pancreatic cancer. It is advisable to do body check up with experienced doctor, who have good success ratio.


Therapy for Targeted Area

For attacking effected area it is very important kill abnormalities within cancer cells. The targeted blocks chemicals that signal cancer cells to raise and carve up. Erlotinib is generally cobined with chemotherapy for use in people with higher pancreatic cancer. So it is really important to first attack to reduce its cells.

Palliative Pain Treatments

As tumor grows it can put even more pressure on nearby tension and organs. This can cause pain and distress. Your doctor will surely give injection of pain medicines, or deduct the anxiety that are the key reason of the pain sense. It will not cure from the cancer but you will start feeling comfortable immediately.

Radiation therapy

As the name says everything that radiation normally uses high beams like X-rays, to vanish cancer cells. You might receive radiation treatments before or after cancer surgery, often in combination with chemotherapy. Or your doctor may recommend a combination of radiation and chemotherapy both treatments when doctor feels that your cancer can not be treated with surgically. So it is certainly depends upon your cancer stage that which treatment will gives you best result.

Bypass surgery

This surgery is required when the common bile duct is blocked by tumor. Bile is the normal substance that releases by liver. That help with incorporation bile is stored in the gallbladder. After that it travels during the regular bile duct to the innards. Generally when tumour block the small intestine, bile put up in the body and basis jaundice, which is staining of the skin and eyes. Circumvent surgical treatment connects the bile duct to the diminutive intestine to get roughly the blockage this method is well-known as a choledochojejunostomy.


Your doctor may think to start with a laparoscopy. While a laparoscopy, many small holes are made in the stomach and a tiny camera is passed into the body while a patient receives anesthesia. That will help to block the awareness of pain in body. This will also help to check doctor what other part has been infected by cancer so surgeon can operate patient accordingly.

Whipple process

If you are not aware about that process you must know it now, as it is one of the most common operations used to treat pancreatic cancer, and involve removing the top of the pancreas. Your surgeon must remove the bile duct part and if the cancer has cover more part than you doctor must remove part of the stomach.

After this operation patient required enzymes to help them digest food, patient should take good rest to recover after the operation. The Whipple process involves extended an exhaustive surgical procedure, but overall it will help you to recover quicker.


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