Semalt: How To Block Cookies In Any Browser Excluding Your Favorite Sites

Browser Excluding Your Favorite Sites

Most websites use cookies to streamline their monitoring activities. In some other cases, cookies help a person browsing to have a good internet experience. For instance, payment website uses cookies to protect their clients against cyber criminals who take away their passwords. As cookies seem to make the browsing experience smoother, there are some other instances when you would like to eliminate cookies from your browser.

In this SEO article, Jack Miller, a leading expert of Semalt, will teach you how to block cookies in your browser. You will also get to know how to exclude the websites which you want to have the cookies function active.

Why you would want to block cookies

A cookie is a file (minimal) which a website places on your computer to enhance your browsing experience. This file stores information about this browser and helps you in your later usages. For instance, sites can store information here like your items on a cart, browsing sessions, and browsing habits. These files are benign and keep updating their information. Similarly, malicious attackers can use this feature to execute some of their attacks. For instance, people have had cases of hackers tracking their website usage without their knowledge. In other cases, people may want to limit the information which third parties may want to gather about them in these and many more examples, learning how to block cookies can be essential to customize your browsing habits.

In this guideline, we will use some standard browsers to demonstrate this procedure. These browsers include Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. In all these cases, there are natural methods of accepting and preventing cookies. It is essential to note that this procedure can apply to other browsers. The only difference might be the procedure toe to programmer variations. You should not worry about the operating system you are using.

Internet Explorer:

In this browser, it is possible to control cookies for the websites you visit. To block cookies, click the settings (Gear) icon. You can then go to versions] > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites. From this point, you can set a website’s privacy menu independently. Click advanced and check the prompt button if you do not want to keep adding the sites manually.


Here there some strong controls of controlling aspects like cookies. Go to options then privacy. On the privacy, the menu is a drop down. Click accept or not allow cookies form the websites here. You can also set custom cookie behavior on your Firefox browser.



In Chrome, you can go to settings then click advanced settings. In the expanded list, you can click contents settings and go to “cookies” section. Just like the other browsers, you can control your cookies from this section.

Controlling cookies has some cons. For instance, ad networks cannot give you tailored ads. In other cases, you get annoying popups and interstitial ads between pages. It is essential to consult an IT expert if you do not know what you are doing. There are cases where people have had their PayPal accounts funds helped due to an alteration of cookies.


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