The Value of Maintaining a Fitness Journal for Baseball Players

adjustable dumbbell

In baseball, strength, agility, and speed determine whether or not a team will make a score. From the pitcher’s throw to crossing the home plate, precision is the key in baseball just like in any other sport. And it is in this regard that an effective all-rounded training approach should be adopted for successful play. A kind of training that focuses on improving strength, agility, and speed in relation to the movements and demands of the sport. To have a clear understanding of the multidimensional training, there are a few terms you need to know:

Strength: This is the batting power but not the strength of the arm

Agility: The ability to stop and change directions quickly – useful in playing defense

Speed: Basically the range – also a critical defensive tool

That said, here is how a few exercises plus passion (on your side), can effectually help you improve play:

For Strength

  1. Rotating medicine ball: With the aid of a partner, a weighted med ball works great. Have your partner stand about 2 feet from you as the two of you face opposite sides. Take the ball and pass it to your partner to the right by twisting your upper body. Twist to the left and receive the medicine ball. Another way you can do this is by throwing the ball against a wall in a set of 10 four times.
  1. Squats: Typical squats including jumping squats where you squat then jump into the air will increase your strength as well as power your legs as required in baseball.
  1. Planks: Simple yet tricky to hack, planks will help you build power. The ideal way of doing this is by first assuming a pushup position. And as you move down, make sure the body weight is on the forearms, not the hands. Try and maintain this same position for about 30 minutes. Three sets would be appropriate for first-timers.
  1. Farmer’s walk: Grab a 45-pound adjustable dumbbell in each hand and carry them to extreme ends of the area of training. Move back and forth, take half a minute break and then repeat this movement 2-3 times. This training will help work your back, grip, and lower body.

For Agility

Agility ladder:

This is strongly recommended by trainers because it is economical and there are countless drills you can do with the item. You can have it outdoors on grass or indoor on the floor. Some of the drills to boost your agility include:

  1. Carioca runs: Mainly involves focusing on change of direction where the face is forward while stepping on a square then sideways as you move to the next. This is done in alternating fashion in a set of five reps.
  1. Side straddle, then hop: Standing at the extreme end of the ladder, jump in the first square with both feet and then straddle the square. Do the same (jump then straddle) moving to the next square, till you complete all of them. Repeat this three times for effective results.
  1. In and Out: This is a simple routine where you start by jumping with both feet in the first square then jump both feet out as you go to the next. Do this routine as you progress until you get to the last square. Repeat the same drill 3-4 times depending on your pace and strength.

For Speed

  1. Sprints: Sprinting is a great way of improving speed and the best part in this is the fact that you can do it on a treadmill, or blend with nature as you run in the fields. Treadmills are ideal since they help you work the muscles differently and the amount of speed you can dictate makes them a great resource.
  1. Legged squats: You can do this with or without weights as you rest one of your legs on a bench to help you find balance. The recommended intensity is doing 3 sets of 8.

Teams including individuals can explore the above workouts during warm-ups and strength training sessions. Apart from this, good nutrition especially iron-rich food that will make you feel strong, agile and fast is critical for any sports, baseball included. These foods together with exercise should help you get to the best level of play.


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