Trends of fashion and its impact on society as well as students

Fashion World

Fashion is all about looking good. In every sense of dressing style, footwear, makeup, and hairstyle and in maintaining a healthy body. Now day’s people really depend on the style and its new trends. Business industries mainly focus to attract people by launching new products and new dressing trends. Fashion is about one’s identity and presenting oneself. The definition of fashion is different to one person to another. Everyone has their own style of dressing and looking good. People have the misconception that fashion is to attract people but it’s not like that. Fashion is one’s style in presenting oneself to the society. It should be a comfortable one. Everyone wants to look good and happy. So they follow fashion trends which suits them and in which they are comforted. But some people accept some dressing style in which they are not at all comfortable and they mainly focus on attracting others they have to change their perception of fashion.

Stand Out The Crowd With Latest Fashion Clothes

People want to stand out from the crowd for that they adopt some different style of clothing and makeover to attract others. But at first we have to keep in mind that fashion is not about making you extraordinary .it’s about feeling happy and content. Fashion changes according to the time and taste of the people. Fashion has a deeper influence on people and on society. The cloth is an integral part of fashion. People mainly new generation students have a liking towards new clothing trends. People use clothing’s and accessories to decorate their body. Fashion seriously affected our society and students. We can say its effects are positive and also negative. As everyone has their own perception of fashion. Our society also has a perception towards fashion and trends. When we are living in a society we have to give important to its thinking too.

Fashion Trends in Students

Students easily influenced by this new fashion trends. They try to change their lifestyle by adopting new trends. Clothing is one of the important elements of a person’s behaviour. It shows persons character and brings respect. This is the thinking of our society. Some people in our society judge one’s character by their dressing style. But it’s not like that. If a girl has to like towards western dress it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about our culture. It’s a kind of orthodox mentality of our society we have come up from that. We have to go hand in hand with new trends and new fashion. We are accepting new technology and new developments in the same way societies have to accept new trends in fashion.

Luxury Life and Fashion

Students who are in adolescence stage easily attracted by the new western trends and fashion. We have to make them understand that fashion is not to attract others. They have to keep a balance between fashion and comfort. They have time to indulge in fashion and luxury life, at first they have to focus on education that’s should be their first preference. But their age makes them turn to new fashion trends and make them follow their role models. But sadly the fact is that they get distracted by the new trends and they suffer throughout their life. It didn’t mean that they should not dress smartly or they should not look good. They should dress and behave properly according to their age. They should never get distracted and should not distract others too. Fashion influence school students more than college students. The school bags that they carry, the watch, they themselves involve in fashion trends. They follow others at the same time they set their own fashion trends too.

In olden days when the teacher asks school or college students what they want to be in future. Their answers for that was to be a doctor, to be a teacher, to be an engineer, or to be a scientist but now their taste and preference have changed completely. Now, most of the students want to step into glamour world and to be a fashion designer. Their thought and priority have been changed. But it’s the responsibility of the parents and teachers to guide them to the right path. The main reason for spreading of fashion is the television. Television mainly gives all new fashion trend advertisement which influences peoples mind. Teenagers are so much influenced by the fashion trends that they don’t give much time to other works. Instead of reading textbooks they prefer to read fashion magazines. We should follow fashion trends but it also has the age limit. If you focus on fashion trends in the age of studying it will ruin your future and you have regret in the future. So everything has its own time. As we are living in a society which has its own values and morals we have to respect them. Fashion is not only about one’s own identity it also involves your society and its culture. If you are accepting a new trend in clothing, it’s like you’re giving a refreshing thought to the existing society. When society accepts your thoughts it will lead to positive thought and helps to boost your confidence it’s like a cherry on a cake. So you should import the values and culture of your society.

Fashion in 2018

Fashion has become a need for the youngsters now a day. They have to maintain their image in front of others. It’s a part of fashionable society and it attracts others. When you carry a style it really helps you to boost your confidence. Fashion is not only for girls’. Now a day’s boys also follow fashion trends. In their dressing and hairstyle. Like wearing tight jeans’, Shirts and jackets and use some different hair colour etc. So style is not limited to girls boys also caught to the new fashion trends. It looks good and stylish when young boys and girls present them self beautifully but what goes wrong is their preference in life. They should focus on their studies and don’t forget their primary importance in life.

Fashion World

Having interest and passion in fashion it helps the youngsters to seek their career in the fashion world. The fashion world has a wide range it has spread its branch to reach out every single youth and youngsters to achieve their professional career n fashion. So many professional courses are available in the fashion field. Students who are interested can get into it and have a diploma, master degree, degree course in fashion designing. Now a day’s professional course a wide scope and attracts the young teenagers to achieve their passion.

 We have to go hand in hand with new thoughts and new trends in life. But never forget our culture and our primary concern in life. Fashion is not about attracting others. It’s a trend which makes us happy and confident. Fashion should not affect our behaviour  and our inner beauty.



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