The 10 Most Googled Questions About Wedding Photography Answered


A lot of people develop some form of pre-wedding anxiety as the days of weddings arrive. Some panic, some cry, some abscond, others withdraw, but there are a group of people who resort to the use of technology to assuage their fears. To calm themselves, they seek knowledge and information to be able to properly equip them for whatever challenges may arise.

Do you already know which scholar everyone turns to?

Google, yes you got it right. Some have found their answers; others only return with an increased form of anxiety.

A lot of this question revolves around wedding dresses, makeup artists, wedding videographers and wedding photographers.

As wedding photographs are paramount to every other thing. I will be your guide through this hazy maze of the ten most ‘’googled’’ questions about wedding photography. Do not panic, I will be here to streamline everything and expatiate further.

So, here are the top ten:

How would I look in my wedding photograph?

It is not uncommon for couples about to be wed to be very wary and sensitive about how they would look or appear in their wedding photographs or videos taken by their wedding videographers. It is quite the norm. The wedding day is a special day, a day when you are getting married to the love of your life, where nothing else seems to matter. A day that does not occur quite often.

This fear and anxiety are also more common in the brides than in the groom due to the traditional values and approach of most marriages. The Bride also tends to put on more flamboyant clothes compared to the Groom. A lot of people have been redirected to various other websites for self-help tips on how to cope on such. Generally, I would advise a closeup interaction with the wedding photographer or wedding videographers about this. They are in a much better position to offer you services, guidelines, and tips that are relative to you.

What do I need to consider when picking a Photographer?

This question should most likely have come before but ironically most people care much more about how do look before they employ who they think can make them look better. A lot of web searches indicates the frequency of such questions, ‘’How do I get a Photographer’’, ‘’Where do I get a wedding photographer and various other variants.

There are several ways one can get a wedding photographer and there are certain choices to consider. These choices are relative to you, the kind of wedding ceremony, the environment, the enormity of the wedding and the size of family and guests. Then there are those relative to the photographer such as Location, size of company, availability, mode of photography or videography, means of collection, charges related to initial contracts signed.

Conservative Photography or a Flamboyant one?

Most people are regularly stuck between the choice of scenery. A lot of people prefer traditional photography because of its widespread acceptance and comfort. Some are thrill seekers, explorers who crave unique and individual experiences. Whatever choices you prefer to go for is entirely up to you. You are the pilot. It is your day, choose whatever it is that comforts and interests your soul.

How much does it cost to hire a wedding photographer?

A lot of engaged couples tend to think the cost of hiring a good wedding videographer is off the charts, I want you to get that notion of your mind. Also, the cost of hiring one should be based entirely on your country of residence, budget, and quality. The assumption that wedding photographers take a huge chunk of money comes with every other orientation that weddings are very expensive. A little tip: Make plans according to your available budget.

Digital or Hard copy Photographs?

I’m going to go out on a limb on this one and say, you absolutely have to take both of them. Digital pictures are not as hard to collect as people presume them to be. All you need is  SDcard, usb flash drive or even your electronic mail address for the photographs to get swiftly delivered. Also, they serve as backups in case of damage to the hard copies.

How much does a wedding photographer earn?

This question is typically asked by people willing to take a course in photography or for those willing to delve into the vast area of photography to check where to specialize. The income of wedding photographers varies from country to country and company to company. There is no standard or fixed income for generalization.

Best venues for wedding photographs?

Some people prefer the typical backdrop of the community churches with men in suits and women in gowns, or mosques with people with turbans, kaftans, women in silk dresses and hijab. Some prefer the outdoor experience, in the woods, by the waterside, on a train, on a jet even places as absurd as the moon or outer space. Some prefer their weddings in a hall with closed doors. As usual, feel free to choose whatever works for you. Choose a venue that resonates with your soul and gives you much comfort. Choose a venue that will forever symbolize your happiness whenever you look at your wedding photographs. You look at those pictures and smile about the memories, whispering to your loved ones, ‘’I’m so glad I was there with you’’

How many photographs should I take?

I’m here to tell you that you can take as many pictures as possible, take whatever amount you are comfortable with. Weddings do not occur often. Never forget the most important part, never forget the budget.

Best Wedding Photographs?

These are usually done by people seeking to check out poses, ideas, beauty, look, dresses and other sorts of things. It helps them project an idea of what they want for their wedding photographs. Some google that for pictures to be used on blogs or lifestyle articles. Others just for the sheer fun of it.

Best Wedding Photographers?

A lot of people in the inquiry to get the best wedding photographers for their occasions to google this in to have an idea of who to employ. Others do for accumulation of data, some do it to write research articles about them. You could do it too, chances are you just might find one for the cheapest of cost.

I hope this has helped you get the feeling that you are not alone and there are a lot of other people out there with the same questions as you.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for.



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