How to choose a reliable SEO company?


A website without Search engine optimization is like to build a road without direction. Which explains the importance of SEO, it is like a pillar on which your house stands. If the pillars are not strong than house going to be shattered. So our choice in terms of the house will be to hire a reliable construction company. Same in sense of SEO, whether you create a unique content it won’t get public attention until proper SEO has been done.

SEO (search engine Optimization) is more like a game of thrones. You can’t rely on your own tactics; you almost need a good, in fact, the best company to do SEO for your website. There is a huge range of companies and teams available on freelancing sites and Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. It is difficult to choose and hard to rely on anyone. An optimizing company can bring you up with more traffic and can also limit your audience by using default tricks.

5 steps to remember while choosing SEO services

Before choosing the best SEO Company you need to identify the reasons for hiring the company.

  • Do you possess a website already or starting your new setup on social media?
  • You are not getting more traffic
  • Your website is not ranked through search engines
  • You need a better placement on the internet

Now when you identified your loose ends you need to take into account some steps for choosing an SEO company.

1. Knowledge of SEO

Knowledge of the basics of SEO is necessary for you to further interact with your SEO Company. So you will be able to identify where you have made errors yourself. With so much competition on the internet, you have to rely on a strong company which builds a great SEO strategy for your website

It takes around 6 to 8 months to rank your site. You need to hire a company for a longer period to get the desired results.

2. Where best SEO firms exist

You can ask always your friends for recommendations as this will be proof of their better performance. You can check good SEO companies on Google search, FB groups, and freelancing platforms. When you type your query like best SEO services, Top 5 SEO companies, a list of good companies will appear. It’s because they did accurate SEO to come into top results. Same they will do for you to make you to the top.

Also check their reviews, online testimonials to get a better side of them. You can always ask for references from their current clients, so you can ask them about their experiences with the firm.

3. Judge their reliability

While finalizing your contract or choosing the company make sure

  • They are not making fake promises like rank you top of the chart in 24 hours
  • They can explain their goal  and how they will proceed
  • They can exactly define their budget whether hourly, weekly or monthly
  • Ask them questions; make telephonic calls through Skype or WhatsApp.

4. Picking the right company

For picking the right company for your small business or large scale enterprise you need to focus on. If they are making fake promises like

  • overnight success,
  • 1000 of instant backlinks,
  • instant leads generation

Then never trust that company as you will go to regret later. Another term which needs to be taken into account is ‘Black Hat SEO’. Any firm which promises for instant success in actually applying black hat techniques. Their promises will be

  • link building with scam sites
  • using duplicate content which builds competition instead
  • too much use of keywords which effects your content

5. Ask Questions

When you choose a couple of companies you need to ask them questions. Ask them for their reviews, examples and any proves of their being a successful SEO company. You can also ask

  • If they will be in touch throughout your contract.
  • If you will have access to your account, AdSense and website.
  • If they did the same work for other companies.
  • Ask their payment methods and the fees they are charging in return for their services.

5 Things to avoid while choosing an SEO company

In Albert Einstein’s view: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. Wait…… this is not the case here, as you have invested your money and effort. So for avoiding mistakes and their consequences you must ___think before you proceed. You need to look for different aspects before you hire a company for SEO audit of your website.

High pitchy promises

You always need to stay away from fake promises. Which is more like you will become a millionaire in a day, as there is no such science in it. It almost gets times to pave your way through Google top ranking. Because of competition around the corner. Never trust those firms as they only bring you down by giving a sudden rise.

Unless commitment is made, there are only hopes and promises…..but no plans

Choosing cheap

If you don’t invest you won’t get results. Don’t rely on cheap sites as they won’t give you the best. Aim to hire some professional, not losers. Who defines you a better budget with positive results.

Choosing a local company

The Internet has its webs all around the world. You can’t just focus the locals; the market is beyond your thoughts. The best part of SEO is it can be handled even if the company is out of your location. But they will definitely assess to your local markets through the internet.

Make research

Research your company regarding their reviews, check inside of their site.

  • Look for the blogs
  • Their tone
  • Their clients
  • Their results are familiar like you want

Highly presenting

Companies who just focus on their presentations but not the actual work are sure to be avoided. The marketing standards they set for their website will surely be applied on yours too. So shun those sites, and keep searching.

For better results about your choice of an SEO company, you should rely on thorough research. Choose the company who define their goal, budget and what they will deliver while you make investments so it is your right to have accurate results from those companies.

Author Bio: The article has been written by Mahwish Shabbir and she has been working as content editor and digital marketer at Getz Branding.


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