Effective Tips to Make Your Flower Farming Business Successful


Flower farming business is creative and profitable. Flower products are in high demand almost every day of a year. On certain holidays, bouquets sales reach up to a great level. This business requires responsibility and proper planning like any other occupation. The main difficulties in this business are caused by the specificity of the goods: flowers are a perishable and delicate product. So, you need to follow some effective tips to make your flower farming business successful and profitable. Let’s see what those tips are:

Store Flowers in Cold Places

You need to store flowers in cold places to stop them from fading. Strong heat or cold shortens the life of plants and flowers & significantly spoils their appearance. So, store them in cold storage with temperature ranges from 4-8 degrees Celsius. There are many chemicals that slow down the process of withering the flower. For instance, plants are transported with a glucose solution or ascorbic acid for successful transportation. After arrival, flowers are defended in clean water within 24 hours. You also need to purchase special refrigerators to store flowers for about a month and sell them afresh.

Create A Proper Procurement Planning

From purchasing flowers from farmers to selling them to customers, the time period should not exceed more than one week. Once this time period lapse, the bulk of flowers begins to lose its appearance rapidly. Therefore, while setting retail prices for your flowers, it is necessary to note that about 60% of the total product will remain unsold if there is no rush of customers. So, all these inevitable losses must be laid in the final cost of the flowers

A proper procurement planning becomes an unavoidable thing during seasonal and popular holidays. For example- on September 1, March 8 and February 14, there is an expected surge in the sales of flowers, allowing you to earn lots of revenues per day that may be equal to the income of several months. So, take care of ordering the goods to these dates in advance and sell flowers accordingly. The sale of flowers falls sharply during snow falls and winter periods. So, get ready for that in advance.

Work Closely with Suppliers

As a business owner, it is always important for you to establish productive relationships with suppliers when you are in the flower farming business. Always study the conditions of cooperation (trade agreements with your clients), compare them with the proposals of other firms and choose the best option that suits your business needs at best.

Price, range, and delivery terms are 3 most important things of the flower farming business that you should hand carefully. Try to sell your flowers on the eve of holidays and important dates on which flowers are exchanged massively by people. Provide some discount to bulk buyers.

Choose the Right Location for Your Shop

You can start making progress in the flower farming business by opening a small retail outlet. However, the place of choice is an important approach that should be dealt with great care. Always keep in mind the correct location of the flower shop decides the business opportunities you will get every day.

Therefore, you shop should be on a busy street, near a stop, near a shopping, entertainment or office center, etc. It should always be kept in mind that the untwisted place may be completely unprofitable due to the presence of serious competitors. Sometimes, in crowded places, there may be a whole network of already well-known shops that can affect your business badly. So, be careful about that and try to open your shop in a crowded place where your business competitors are absent.

Hire Qualified Staff to Handle Your Different Business Activities

You can’t get the desired success in the flower farming business if you don’t have a team of qualified florists. The flower business is impossible without having professional staffs as customers are attracted not so much by the price of flowers, but by the appearance and presentation of your workers.

So, it is necessary to hire experienced and talented people and provide them advanced training courses or seminars on mastering new techniques for floral design. Your staff must have the knowledge of the biological characteristics of a particular plant: vegetative cycles, the period of withering, the features of storage. Additionally, he/she must constantly communicate with customers in a pleasant and friendly way to amuse customers and sell flowers in great numbers.

Update Knowledge About Your Business

Sometimes, conducting a retail trade of flowers are more profitable than dealing with their wholesale supplies. It happens because of the fact that in case of spot sales, substandard goods can be disguised and “revived”. For instance, if a lily starts to spoil, a number of restorative techniques can be utilized to maintain its actual status

  • Dip into a container with hot water.
  • Cover with wax.
  • To freeze.
  • Process with special chemicals.
  • Another popular trick is the decoration of fading petals with sequins.

If the storage temperature is violated due to any reason, flowers can be placed in water added with alcohol or a special powder. After that, it will be restored for a short time.

Export Flowers to Foreign Countries

There are many countries that import flowers to meet their needs. For example-Russia. With its vast expanses and climatic conditions in many regions where production of its own flower and decorative products is unprofitable, Russia is the largest consumer and importer of flowers. Apart from this, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, etc, also import flowers in great quantity every year. So, exporting flowers to these countries will pour millions of USA Dollars in your wallet. Do to so, just take import and export license in your country and send them the ordered flowers easily. This will give a great boost to your business and you will get several chances to boost the profit margins by leaps and bounds.

Final Words

Flower farming is the passion and first choice of many people who love to stay in touch with nature and make some money by getting involved in agricultural works. Just follow the above-mentioned tips to get the desired success in the flower farming business and earn ample revenues every day.

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