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Indian Wedding Quest for Flowers

Undoubtedly, India is the biggest player in the wholesale flowers and supplies all over the world and expected to be an over 100 crore industry. The Indian wedding and all occasions are incomplete without the dose of florets because we love to say it with flowers, be it a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, a condolence meeting, a promotion or even an official conference.

Flowers Are Trending As A Preferred Wedding Décor

Wedding flowers in the Indian wedding are an integral part and considered as auspicious. So be it the mandap decoration or gifting flower bouquet to the wedding couple, flowers have always been the favourite choice? So if people are ditching those jazzy and expensive light decors blame it to the cheap wholesale wedding flowers. The constant touch of fresh flowers brings the positivity in the entire ambience.

The decoration of flowers makes lifetime moments like weddings even more special and unforgettable than ever.

Add The Personal Touch With Blossoms

You will be surprised to know that there yet another popular trend with weddings is to pick flowers that embrace a meaning to the bride and groom, it’s all about the hidden meaning behind the floret that pulls them in. Not only it makes for a beautiful decoration, but also makes the wedding more memorable. For instance, Yellow Daffodil indicates, the start of a new phase. Likewise, Gillyflower symbolizes a blissful life. Flowers with meaning hold a special place for the groom and bride the moment they will cherish forever.

Blend Of Flowers Will Add Charismatic Effect

A perfect blend of flowers will add an impeccable charm to your wedding decorations. Many florists are exploring this current trend, and it can be customised as per your taste and requirements. It makes the venue very bright and colourful.

Low On Budget Opt For Wholesale Flowers And Supplies

If you’re eyeing for wedding flower arrangements in Pune, Mumbai on a low budget? You’ve come to the right place! Read our top tips on how to save money on your wedding décor with flowers to help you optimise your big day budget.

Tips For Wedding Flowers On A Budget

Wedding flowers can be a costly affair so no matter how big or small your budget you’ll want to make the most of it. Follow these top tips for cheap wholesale wedding flowers

Make your Budget

It’s better to take advice from a professional wholesale florist supplier and make a pre-budget before starting the wedding décor. Always be open and vocal with your florist about what you are comfortable spending so that they can suggest the best economical options to make the occasion easy on the pocket.

Want to Revise your Wedding List

More guests more bloom so if you have a limited wedding budget, consider revising the long list of the guest you are making for a week. Our best pick for the bride will be Orchids and Calla lilies the perfect combination for this ideal occasion and can indeed make a statement.

Cherry-Pick Your Flowers Wisely

This is indeed an important decision which might hit your pocket so choose your flowers wisely. If you have the limited budget to spend then take help of a florist to make recommendations on flower choices that can help you achieve the classy look and feel you want can go a long way. Try these hot picks like Phalaenopsis Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Protea, Tulip flowers, Calla Lilly flowers, Anthurium flowers, Brassica, Lilies, and Gerbera to transform the entire look of your special day into a classy wedding. You can also opt for imported flowers like Peonies, Orchids, and Baby’s those are a bit expensive for creates a more significant impact.

Make Seasonal Choices

Always opt for seasonal flowers to cut down the wedding cost though flowers like roses, orchids, and lilies are available throughout the year, others are not. Whereas seasonal flowers are pretty cheap, but if you pick out of season flowers they might cost you a bit higher. So it is advisable to explore some good seasonal options beforehand, and you can look for wholesale flower market in the city or simply check out the wholesale cut flowers online.

Hire a Good Florist for the Occasion

Don’t want to compromise on your specific flowers selection then you must hire an excellent florist who can offer you gorgeous hues of flowers not high on the price. An expert florist can do a much better job if you ask for a complete look, feel, and the colour scheme and leave it to the florist to bring their imagination to life. If your big day budget won’t stretch to hire a wedding decorator to go with this simple yet elegant way to décor your you can decorate your table centrepieces with small flower posies arranged in vases and grouped creates just as an attractive focal point.

Use the Wedding Venue

This is yet another way to save on your money on those lavishing decors which will ultimately last for few hours so why not reuse the designs for the ceremony room at the reception venue. This will not only save money but will save flowers from going waste, and you can efficiently utilise those beautiful blossoms in your reception décor. You’ll need to discuss logistics with your florist, but this is a fast and easy win for weddings on a budget.

Cheap Wedding Flower Ideas

There are the plethora of choices available in the market for cheap wedding flower ideas for your wedding, but you must depend on the trusted and known brand in your locality for your D-day. One such florist is Prospect Flowers with a unique and wide range of flowers in their kitty they can deliver exceptional types of cheap wholesale wedding flowers online in Mumbai and Pune. Their professional team can fulfil your demand of blooms in bulk, and get them transported to meet your deadlines and be sure about the freshness and quality.

If you want wholesale flowers and supplies in Pune, all you must do is visit their website and go through the details. Make your wedding high on style quotient with their wide range of flowers which will surely make your guest awe-stuck.

Author Bio: Pratik Waghdhare is an owner of “Prospect Flower”, it is a famous wholesale flower supplier in Pune. Pratik has a passion for flower decoration, blogging, nature photography.


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