Programmatic Advertising: The Future of Digital Marketing

Future of Digital Marketing

We have seen lots of changes in Digital marketing industry last decade. we have gone from keyword stuffing and managing campaigns to extremely smart and efficient strategies that help to increase ROI.

This growth has fuelled by Data and predictive analytics. And now you dont need to spends thousands of dollers in Adwords to get result anymore for small and medium business it is going to be revolution.

Its all about staying ahead of the game at affordable price, and the key technique is programmatic marketing. You must be thinking what programmatic marketing is if you heard that name for the first time. But when you dig in to it to look at the bigger picture you will be pretty straightforward.

I am going to explain about the basic of programmatic marketing, its outlook and how it work. So let’s start from the top to understand in even better.

What is programmatic marketing?

Generally when we run adwords display campaign we have to create audience to show our ads, Using programmatic marketing you can target audience using demographics like age, social standing, gender, and geo location like particular area of the country, you can do it by using DMP (Data Management Platform)

Programmatic marketing helps to show your ads to targeted audience using computer data this will totally change the way we doing marketing using adwords and this will help to increase ROI because programmatic works on automated, real time bidding, where the highest bidder wins the race.

Visitors will see the ad from winning advertiser. And you would be amaze to know that everything happens within milliseconds, so there is no lag or disruption in the user understanding.

Here is detailed explanation

Step-1: User click on the website and publisher content started loading.

Step-2: The Publisher of the page puts up the ad impression for auction.

Step-3: The advertising marketplace holds an auction among the advertisers competing the impression.

Step-4: The advertiser who willing to bid the most for the impression wins the right to display their ads

Step-5: The ad is delivered to the prospective customer.

Step-6: Customer clicks on the ads and advertiser turns them in to the same and makes profits!

Key Benefits

    • When you doing marketing with such efficiency, the biggest advantage of programmatic marketing is you will get the best quality impression of your bucks and that will help you generate quality leads and sales.


    • You can target your audience very easily and far better than adwords and it is also cheaper.


    • You will have big amount of data to identify right visitors that suites your demographic location.


    • As i mentioned above, Programmatic advertising works on factor like geo location, age, gender, user interest, and context of website to find the best quality users.


    • So this way you will get the best quality leads and sales.


    • You are only paying for best quality ads, delivered to the correct audience at the right time using real time bidding process.


    • You will have several control over the budget, and you will get best featured across several platform of different publishers with high level of flexibility.


This means you will have even better opportunity of conversion using that demographic method than with a more conventional, like Adwords platform, techniques.

This means you have way more opportunities to reach your demographic with this method than with a more conventional, like a traditional PPC platform, method.

You can see on above graph that people are gradually spending more in couple of years.

Programmatic advertising is experiencing an average yearly growth rate of around 35%. The spending of it will reach to $38 Billion by 2019, that clearly shows that programmatic adverting is growing very fast. It is widely famous across the USA.

Best Way

So let’s think that you are ready to jump in to it.

What are the most important things you must keep in mind?

Here are the key factor that you will have to pay attention before you start programmatic marketing.

  • Data for Advertising

Data is most important thing in programmatic advertising. The more quality data you have the better success you will get. Using the existing customer data you can simply reach your demographic audience.

This will surely reduce the waste of money that you are doing in PPC, it will increase the confidence of getting conversion better.

  • Mobile Friendly Content

Number of users are placing order from mobile compare to desktop, even while running PPC campaign you cannot ignore mobile users. So your content must be mobile friendly.

Almost half of the users are on mobile, so before running ads make sure that your ads are compatible with all screen sizes and all type of devices and browsers.

Or else, it is like wasting money every second on low quality clicks.

  • Return on Investment

As per my understating one thing is clear that if you are spending money on PPC than you can 100% afford it. Because it is cheaper than PPC and conversion wise far better also.  So you must make sure that how much you are willing to pay in order to get your ads in front of users.

Set specific ROI and make sure to spend wisely and getting the most out of each impression and get the maximum of your spending.

  • Fraud by Fake Clicks

Beware from fake clicks, finally you must be willing to understand the danger of ad fraud. There are some cases where ad buyers were left with bogus visits.

So make sure that your ads are delivering at proper place and you are getting quality visits. But the question is how you going to check it.

For that you have to make sure that ad exchange buys ads inventory and the types of vendors they deal with.  Make sure about the policies they have to prevent from fake clicks and fraud.


Programmatic Advertising will take digital marketing to the next level.

It is perfect way to use big data for your benefits.

I would strongly recommend it because it has large control over the data and distributing across various platforms.

You can do more with budget and make sure your ads are being shown only at very high qualified leads.

You are not limited to particular search engine tools like Adwords, Facebook ads or Bing Ads.

One thing is sure that programmatic advertising will be the game changer for digital marketing.

So Wanna Try Programmatic Advertising for your business now?


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