Things to Avoid Doing While Using Ponytail Holders & Elastics


Ponytail has been the most preferred hairstyle among all the hairstyles.  From a two minute saver to a stylish evening look a classic ponytail never disappoints. It adds so much style to your entire look & is one of the flattering looks that can be finished effortlessly.

For a classic ponytail hairstyle, all you need to do is throw your hair up, pull them away from the face, gather & secure at the back of the head with a ponytail holder & elastic. It saves you a lot of time, keeps your hair away from the face, and helps you to look more stylish & glamorous.

Ponytail Holders & Elastics are the hair tools that are used to secure the hair in various ponytails. From low ponytail, side ponytail, braided ponytail, messy ponytail, raised ponytail, half-wrapped ponytail, half-braided ponytail to two -side ponytail style every hairstyle is secured by this traditional & sophisticated accessory. 

However, there are certain things that you should avoid doing while using a ponytail holder & elastic to protect your hair from breakage & damage. These tips will also help in keeping your healthy & in good condition.

Keep reading to know about the things you should avoid while using a ponytail holder

  • Never Tie Tangled Hair in a Ponytail

It is important to comb your hair properly before securing it in a ponytail as the most common breakage appears when the hair is tangled. When you secure the tangled hair in ponytail holders, it puts pressure on bunched up areas which in turn causes delicate locks to break.

  • Never  Secure  your Ponytail Too Tight

If you want to prevent hair loss around the temples, make sure you don’t secure your ponytail too tight. Tight ponytails put pressure on the scalp & follicles which results in damage of hair and can pull hair out by the roots.

Super- tight ponytails can cause a condition i.e. Traction Alopecia- baldness due to chronic pulling on the hair. This condition causes permanent damage to the follicles & an inability to grow hair mostly in the front portion of the head & sides of the face.

Also, too many twists of the ponytail holder and elastic can exert too much pressure, which, in the long run, can break your hair. The pressure is also exerted on your hair follicles that cause headaches and sometimes, hair loss, especially if your hair is dry or damaged.

Therefore, it is important to go gentle on your hair & wear loose ponytails, buns, braids, and twists.

  • Never Use a Rubber Band

Never switch to rubber bands when you don’t have a ponytail holder or elastic in reach. Securing your hair strands into a rubbery product causes breakage & split ends. It is a major mistake that people tend to make that cause severe hair damage.

  • Never Sleep in an Ordinary Elastic Hair Band

Stop sleeping in an ordinary elastic hairband as the tossing & turning that happens during the night adds more strain to your hair roots & shafts. This can further cause friction breakage or weakening of the tresses.

However, you don’t have to give up tying your hair at night completely, just switch to a soft, damage-free & handmade ponytail holder & elastic. And remember to tie your hair loose so that there is no pressure on your hair all through the night.

  •  Never Stick to One Particular Hairstyle

Wearing a ponytail every day at the same spot can constantly tug your hair in the same spot. This repeated pulling & tying of the hair in the same area causes breakage that adds up over time.

Alternate the way you place your hair up, or just change the location of your ponytail, so that you’re not always pulling on the same hairs. Also, instead of tying your hair up, sometimes try holding it back with a headband & then tie in a ponytail.

Make sure to change the ponytail height day to day from the top, back of the crown, top-height and nape. This will give the strained hair strands a break and time to heal from pressure due to a particular hairdo.

  •  Never Tie Damp or Wet Hair

 Wet hair is worse than hair that is tightly secured in a ponytail. Wet hair is very delicate and gets more stretched when you tie wet hair into a ponytail than dry hair. When it’s stretched and is frail and more brittle, the outside protective layer cracks and the scary edges are tangled. This makes your hair feel rough and damaged and looks frizzy. It also leaves your hair more susceptible to breakage.

When you put a hair tie in wet hair, you’re applying pressure and stretching hair in a few different areas, causing it to pull out at the root or be damaged at the hair tie.

  • Never use metal fastenings

If you have ponytail holders & elastics with metal fastenings, throw them away and replace them with damage-free, handmade ponytail holders & elastics.

Get rid of ponytail holders & elastics that aren’t snag-free and stock up on handmade ones to prevent your hair from breaking and damage.

  • Remove the Ponytail Holder & Elastic with Care

Take a couple of extra seconds to remove the ponytail holder & elastic rather than just removing the ponytail holder and elastic in one move while undoing your hairdo or ponytail can strain the hair follicles & cause breaking of weak hair strands.


It is important to take into account all the above- mentioned tips to protect your hair strands from breaking & weakening. Also, it is very important to purchase hair accessories from a reliable & quality hair accessories brand because low-quality ponytail holders & elastics can damage your hair & lead to breakage, split ends, and frizz. They can cause direct damage to the hair shaft which can be irreversible. The only fix then is to cut your hair & start adequate care with fresh & new hair.

Also, low-quality ponytail holders can hinder growing your hair out frequency. The slow growth or halt in hair growth could be directly linked to breakage and damage due to poor quality ponytail holders & elastics.

When you are looking for the best ponytail holders or elastics, opt for skin-friendly & ego-friendly option like Kosmart. It is a well- established brand that offers you the finest hair & fashion accessories apt for all kinds of occasions. The hair accessories are handmade from special bio-plastic, which is up to 95% made of wood and cotton. Compared to the machine-made pieces, the surface is finer & there is no presence of plastic excess around the hand-polished edges.

The crystals used in ponytail holders & elastics are original crystals from Swarovski & are polished to the finest precision. The Hair Accessories complement both casual, party, And office wear. The accessories are curated into unique & beautiful designs that fulfill all your requirements.

Since the accessories are made from Bioplastic also known as cellulose acetate bio-renewable plastic, it has less harmful effects on the environment. It produces fewer greenhouse gases compared to common plastics during the process of manufacturing.


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