Prisma app gets an update with Cropping Feature and more


Prisma has already made up a mark with such innovative apps that will surely create revolution in photography. And now Prisma is ready with new update with latest new features. Till now most of the updates were bug fixes and stable improvements, but the latest update has already applied in iOS and Android both.

Now with the latest version of prisma you can simply crop images instead of applying filter in it. along with it you can also rotate images, its worth mentioning that image clicked from inside the app can’t rotated. You can import only those images that is in your gallery can be simply edited with this app.


The filter combination alternative lets you regulate the level of the strain which is essentially like adjust the brightness. You have to whoosh in and out of the photo using your finger to fine-tune the sift echelon. This solves the problem of choose a filter that you like and dropping the gap or brightness according to your portrait.

Many users were facing delay in processing and producing image but after fixing but you will get your image in very short time. Prisma has already got massive popularity in very short time so its very important to make it user friendly and quick in process.

But one thing is for sure that Prisma is going to be the next buzz in the photography. The reason behind the success of Prisma app is that the way it can create masterpiece images of any image in your gallery that makes it different from other apps.

In iOS Prisma has also worked in split screen feature. User can simply untransform the image while applying the filter. The application is topping the app charts in certain countries, you will be able to make such videos in your prisma App but there is no timeline yet.

Android Users for Downloading your Prisma app click here. if you are a iPhone users click here.


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