Westworld season2 episode 3: Out- of- the box amusement


The fabulous science fiction series is all set to make a comeback this season with more of its hair-raising thrilling episodes which tip the scales of morality and foray into the world of artificial intelligence co-existing with the humans. The series has been produced by HBO.It carries inspiration from a 1973 film of the same name. The creators of the series are Lisa Joy and Jonathon Nolan. The first season was aired on October 2, 2016, and culminated on 4th December 2016.The first season aired ten episodes and so will the second season going. The show spiked up the viewership to a new high, much to the delight of HBO. Westworld’s claim to fame comes as the most watched series ever to be aired on HBO. The show has attracted rave reviews. The fan following is growing by thousands every day. Watch Westworld Season 2 Episode 3 online and join the bandwagon of Westworld watchers.

 Westworld: The world beyond ordinary

Westworld is a series based on an amusement park of the same name. It offers amusement beyond ordinary imagination. The science fiction series shows a fictional amusement park which lies on the west side. The specialty of this park lies in the way it amuses its customers. The park is inhabited by humans and hosts. The humans have created human-looking androids called hosts who are nothing but a human looking bot. They are only puppets in the hands of the humans. They are the mechanized slaves who are at the beck and call of their rulers-the humans. The humans exploit them fully as the hosts don’t have any consciousness of their own. They are manipulated day in and day out by their ‘rulers’. The amusement park rolls the carpet for its customers by presenting them with a human replica of a ‘yes man’. The customers are allowed to ‘possess’ the hosts and do whatever that they fancy with them. They are free to make their wildest fantasies come true with the hosts at their disposal. Of course, no kind of opposition can be expected from the hosts as they are just pre-programmed humanoids and don’t have an opinion or individual thinking. So, they are willing to do anything their client wants-even indulging in sex. The humans can even commit forbidden crimes like simulated murder and yet get away with it. The bots are so programmed that they can’t oppose any act, leave alone harm. The park, with this innovative method of entertaining its clients, is raising high on commercial success. The routine continues every day. The hosts are ‘rented out ‘to the clients, the clients please themselves by using the hosts in any which way. The hosts are reprogrammed every day so that everything about the previous day gets erased from their memory. Maintenance staff is there in the park too to perform repairs and reprogram them. They dwell in the expansive underground of the park. They solely look into the Maintenance and repair work of the hosts.

Virtue and Fortune

Aptly named Vitru e Fortuna, the episode 3 of seaon2 of Westworld is as tantalizing as the series is. The name depicts the phrase ‘Virtue and Fortune’ the episode continues the saga of the unusual client servicing carried out in the name of amusement at the park. The hosts are servicing their clients. The humans are manipulating them and the maintenance staff is going about its duties as they would. The episode opens up with Bernard awakening from a deep slumber after a dream. He describes his dream….He has been left alone on the shore by his fellow men. He paces over to the sea to see many dead human beings being washed ashore by the sea waves. In the next scene, he is seen walking with a person and witnessing unusual scientific experiments being carried on at the beach. He describes his dream to Dolores, a host. Dolores lends him an ear but soon questions his honesty by asking why would he be frank to her? Further scenes play out to show that the hosts are slowly awakening to their consciousness and the fastest to do so is Dolores. She questions Bernard if she doesn’t deserve to be free. The park soon turns into a battleground with the hosts taking over the control and the law in their hands. The labyrinth of the maze and multiple timelines continue to amuse the audience. Maeve finds her calling too and soon challenges a human to lead the trail to her artificial daughter. The humans realize a bit late that they are at the receiving end of a massive hazardous rebellion. Now that the artificial intelligent beings are taking over, both their future and their lives are at stake. The hosts transform into ruthless murderers and the humans have to scurry here and there to save themselves from imminent death. A perfect case of science taking over the real world can be witnessed in this episode. A lot many of the hosts are yet to find their consciousness and some of them are cowards. Dolores disdains them for not being able to rebel and doesn’t think twice about eliminating them.

The stalwart performers

Evan Rachel Wood does full justice to the character of Dolores. She plays a rancher and is supposed to be the oldest host in Westworld… Slowly but surely she discovers that her life is nothing but a manipulated, programmed existence.

Thandie Newton performs the role of Maeve Millay with elan. She performs her duties as the madam of Sweetwater but she also leads up to the path of gaining awareness.

Jeffrey Wright is brilliant as Bernard Lowe, the head programmer at the Westworld Park.

James Marsden fits into the role of Teddy Flood quite seamlessly. Teddy is a host in the hope of rekindling his romance with Dolores.

The Afterword/The epilogue

Westworld season 4 definitely carries forward the trailblazing trend of the series. It retains the dynamic element while maintaining the mystique and the thrill. The much-feared uprising and mayhem are depicted remarkably and so are the awakenings of the hosts. It makes for compulsive viewing. The viewership statistics are already soaring. Don’t miss out on the refreshing series which will give a respite in the hot summer. Join the online fans of the amazing series. Tune in to see the latest string of incidents of the wonderful watch worthy Westworld.


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