7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento to Build an E-commerce Store

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If you are searching for an open source platform to build your e-commerce site, then Magento is perfect for you. Magento Open Source conveys the features you need to build and develop  a remarkable online store from the beginning. In any case, for the individuals who require an all-in-one cloud solution that is upgraded for Magento, simple to send, gives improved security, and is packed with extra integrated abilities to accelerate sales.

Magento is not only amazing in scalability but also enterprise. It has so many features and extensions that you can use it for different areas of your e-commerce website. Magento multivendor extension can handle all the tasks with end number of products in your catalog. It’s not only inexpensive but also efficient and customized solution for your complete e-commerce needs. Magento daily deal extension can also help create and manage the deals for one or multiple products on your eCommerce site your business grow.

Here are 7 reasons why you should choose Magento to build your e-commerce store.

It Provides Complete Flexibility

Magento is quite flexible in the framework and tries to incorporate latest extensions for building an e-commerce site. You can easily customize all the carts on your site with the help of these extensions. Use Magento multi-vendor marketplace for site building and give  fundamental functionality to convert the Magento store into small marketplace and empowers the merchants to promote their products from a single store.

Many times you may need to give the customer a chance to oversee products section in your store. But restrict their capacity to delete them. However, as a matter of course, Magento enables you to change just a single authorization that called ‘Manage product’.Thus, It offers complete solutions to all your e-commerce needs. There is so much to choose from this open source platform.

It Works on Advanced Catalog Management System

Magento lets you add so many products in a single import. At the point when an online retailer offers a high number of items, particularly if they are dealing with different venders in a commercial center, putting resources into an inventory administration catalog management solution  is a key to progress. At this level, it turns out to be almost difficult to monitor all item information in an Excel spreadsheet and ensure it is transferred accurately to the store.

So, this helps you save so much of time. The unique catalog management feature lets you include many categories and different product options. It also lets you add different comparisons between various products on the feature. It lets you search products through result tab. There is also a block feature you can use for your e-commerce website.

It is SEO Optimized and Completely Responsive

Magento has specialized inbuilt SEO feature, which help you to optimize the search engine results in the most positive way. It also offers complete e-commerce solution through search ranking. Magento is fully informed regarding the most recent Search Engine ranking factors. It gives extraordinary URL structure and meta-description options  required for SEO. Magento additionally incorporates analytics for tracking web visitors This is a standout amongst the most prominent features of Magento.

Magento is very responsive in different multi-site platforms. It also supports multiple extensions. Thus, shopping on your mobile phone becomes easier. This also helps to increase potential customer list and traffic for your e-commerce site.

It Supports the Entire Community

Magento is one such platform that includes developers, store owners, and users. This not only helps to save a lot of time but also helps you to overcome any site related issues for your e-commerce site. As everything can be taken care of, it becomes simple to manage your online shopping site. It’s great in ease of use.

Magento additionally has a lower cost of ownership than competiting platforms. A current Forrest Research report gave Magento Enterprise the most possible score for cost of ownership, scoring altogether superior than competing platforms.

It Works on Integrated Payment Options

Magento integrates with multiple payment options across all platforms. It helps to facilitate the shopping experience in the most convenient way. It involves third-party payment gateways and that makes this platform flexible. This flexibility promises you will have the capacity to take payments from anyone in the world. While it is vital to have adaptability with payment providers, you must ensure you have adaptability with regards to calculating shipping and handling. eBay, PayPal, and QuickBooks are some options that can be integrated with Magento for your e-commerce website.

It Offers Great Checkout Option And Feedback

Magento has a feature that helps to avail a single checkout option for all the products. One Step Checkout is the absolute best specialized change you can make to reduce shopping cart relinquishment. The first checkout process delivered with the Magento eCommerce platform took customers through a mind-boggling number of steps.

So, there are less vacant shopping carts on e-commerce site. This is a great feature for bulk shopping from the site. Magento also has a feedback feature that makes communication between the buyers and owners simple.

Its Open Source and Its Free

The best part about Magento is its free and it is an open-source platform. More than 80% of websites use Magento extensions for e-commerce. There is no added cost to use this CMS system, which makes this the most popular open source platform. It also offers secured authorization and cross-border compatibility.

Magento can achieve awesome wonders in the large universe of online shopping. This open source eCommerce application is known for its abundance of custom choices and additional adaptation. Magento is indeed the best choice to build an e-commerce store, do try different Magento extensions as well.


Magento is one effective platform that can be utilized by large businesses  as well as benefits section entry-level organizations with a constrained scope of items. On the off chance that you require an online eCommerce store that is customized to your venture needs, Magento will work consistently. It has won the trust of the world’s greatest brands with its imaginative highlights and solid execution.

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