3 criteria to consider before buying a connected smartwatch


The smart watches are now part of everyday life. Released in the early 1980s, they had the common functions, namely: telephone function, GPS, media players, games, translations and a calculator. Also, they have become efficient assistants for athletes. Thanks to these multiple features, they are considered a kind of small laptop like we see in the movies.

As time goes on, this smart gadget has turned into a fashion accessory. Since then, the market has experienced a spectacular rebound. Today, there is a whole panoply of sports connected watch models, whether for women or for men. This is why the Fitpowerforce team decided to put together this guide for you to help you choose the watch that suits you the best.  

Criterion 1: compatibility with your Smartphone

When we talk about smartwtach , we are always referring to connectivity. These are mini-smartphones that wrap around your wrist. These were designed to run applications similar to those of a smartphone, but at a reduced size. Other models even allow you to remotely control your smartphone and have certain features that allow them to perform telephone tasks, in particular making calls or storing messages …

So, choose a smartwatch that is compatible with your smartphone. Indeed, be aware that an IOS connected watch will not be compatible with a phone with an Android operating system, and vice versa. However, this does not mean that your watch will not be functional. On the contrary, it will be able to work, but with very limited options. It will actually work independently of the phone.

Note that by choosing a watch that is compatible with your phone, the experience of using this accessory will be simply optimal.

Criterion 2: LCD and OLED display: which one to choose?

Most of the smartwatches available on the market have a colorful LCD display or an AMOLED display, allowing you to optimally visualize everything that is happening on the screen (photos, colors, etc.). But so far, watches with a colorful display have had a low battery life, despite the fact that many manufacturers are trying to maximize the effectiveness of these smart accessories. In addition, there are also some models of Smartwatches that offer very sharp OLED screens instead of LCD screens.

However, Fitpowerforce continues to improve the quality of its products by offering minimalist connected watches , but with a very ergonomic screen that allows the user to have complete statistics, but saves the battery. The battery life of our smartwatch can be up to 3 weeks in standby and several days in use.

Criterion 3: design and conception

Today there are watches on the market with replaceable bands. Indeed, you can substitute them with other models. This point is important because it allows you to customize the look of your watch to suit your taste and look. This way, if you go to the gym, you won’t need to find a sports watch , you just have to change its straps to make your smartwatch comfortable to wear.

Also note that today, connected watch models offer a whole panoply of personalization before purchase. Indeed, the possibility of choosing the color and the material of the bracelet is now offered. You can even choose the finish and size of the dial.

Remember that for this kind of accessory, comfort is paramount, as is the ease with which you put the connected watch on your wrist. In this way, choose a smartwatch with clasps that do not require too much force to open and close. Also, there are also smartwatches with flexible bands that fit like bracelets. In seconds, you’ll be ready!

Now that you have all the maps you need to make the choice on your smartwatch, you must now find where you are going to buy your sports watch. Sometimes you can choose the “smartphone and smart watch” pack which is sold directly by the mobile phone providers. However, the choice is very limited.

This is why we recommend that you opt for a store specializing in connected watches such as on Fitpowerforce. We have over 20 top-notch models with state-of-the-art features, but also sold at great prices. We distribute our products all over Europe. If you live in France, our delivery is free and fast. If you are not 100% satisfied with the accessory, you have the option of returning it.


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