Know How Car with Cruise Control Systems Works


What it Does

There are so many car companies offering cruise control system in car that robotically controls the speed of a motor vehicle. To maintain the steady speed system uses the throttle to make a steady speed. The biggest benefit is your feet can be relaxed as it stabilizes the speed, it will help you save your fuel and you can enjoy your ride even better.

Driver can set cruise control system after speeding up speed above 40Kph. It can also decrease or increase your car’s speed to maintain a following distance that you have set. If you are in traffic jam in advance version cars you can also slow down your speed below 40Kph and stop your car as well than it can also accelerate for you.

I think this feature is really great because as we see in all countries traffic is the big problem and features something like cruise control can really help to make your driving experience even better.

Technology of Cruise Control System

Having sensor in the car is really common these days and cruise control system works on sensors it also including radar, computer connected cameras and it can also read the road ahead of you for traffic. Yes off course it can read any cars that are running ahead on your lane. But to be honest this feature must be use with care and you must test before you buy a car with cruise control.

What you Should Do

Before you buy any car do proper research, check about fuel capacity, cylinder capacity, features, how to use cruise control effectively. When it comes to research on cruise control have a test drive and accelerate to your set speed, after that turn on the ACC. You can set ACC with safe distance gap you can set with option like long distance, short distance and medium distance. And after that you can set to begin working on it. So you must be aware about your surroundings before you use cruise control as it is always better to use this feature when you are on long run and no breaks required.

cruise control 2

Tips for Using Cruise Control System

  • First important thing to know that ACC may not work well in bad weather conditions like it’s not good to use in rain and fog, having dirt, snow or ice covering the sensors and road is slippery, and it will also not work well if you are running your car in tunnels.
  • Cruise control is all about your comfort while you driving a car, ACC will allow you to spend very less energy to maintaining your following distance with the cars in front of you. You must less use this option in heavy traffic.
  • There are some car companies offers cruise controls systems that can be used in traffic as well in that you can also use break too. But it’s ideal to use it by visiting to your nearest car showroom

Cruise control system is a really amazing feature and it is invaluable feature on American cars, it is a common feature in European cars, because in countries like USA, Europe roads are straighter and bigger.

Now you know how to use cruise control effectively. Have a Safe Drive!






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