15 reasons why large e-commerce portals prefer Magento


In recent years, the e-commerceindustry has proved to be extremely beneficial for generating revenues. Studies have revealed that the e-commerce businesses are solely responsible for garnering $1,67 trillion of worldwide revenue.

This has prompted many businesses to venture into their own online stores. Now in order to put together an e-commerce website, they often use a CMS (Content Management System), as that enables them to stay focused on the sales, rather than the technical aspects of operating an online store. Adopting a CMS also lets them manage their SEO and marketing strategies, or even have their product catalogue directly modified by their sales team.

Now speaking of e-commerce businesses, platforms like WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, OpenCart has carved a niche as a popular CMS system. But Magento still holds the title of the most famous CMS.  In fact, the most well known eCommerce websites and the emerging top brands utilize Magento to power their eStores. Some of the big brands like Samsung, Nestle, Lenovo, and Nike are powered by Magento.

Nearly 26% of the eCommerce market has adopted Magento as their preferred CMS platform because of its extensive list of features. Having said all that, now let’s shift our focus to the reasons that make Magento the most preferred e-commerce CMS platform for businesses.

Specifically designed for Ecommerce platforms

Magento has been developed as an Ecommerce CMS(Content Management System), and that’s why it’s packed with all the specifications and features that are significant for presenting a successful online store or an e-commerce platform.

The outcomes you will notice by creating a website on Magento, tends to be way more fulfilling than what you could achieve through CMS plugins like Drupal Commerce on Drupal or WooCommerce on WordPress.

It presents an open source platform

The Magento Community Edition is absolutely free to install, modify and integrate. If you are equipped with ample understanding, you will be able to super-charge the core code and incorporate a myriad of functionality and features by adding extensions from the Magento Connectmarketplace.

Also, since it’s an open source platform, there is a huge team of developers working on it every day, keeping the platform updated, devoid of security concerns.

It consists of a design that’s smooth and extremely responsive

Even though to a novice, the whole design of Magento may seem to be too complicated. But it consists of an incredibly impactful system to meet the specific requirements of the businesses and as well as the consumers. Maintenance, code re-using, debugging, quick support are some of the most common issues which ecommerce portals and service provider has to deal with. In this case, Magento is the one platform that makes the management of these issues a lot easier.

The platform is spacious and impactful

Magento is known to support nearly 500,000 products on a single website and can carry out more than 80,000 orders within an hour that allows you to have a lot of space for future growth of your shopping carts. Considering its size and complexity, Magento also provides special hosting needs foran optimal performance and site load speeds.

Built-in upsells and cross-sells

The Magento platform enables you to incorporate prompts to browse specific options with the products and checkout pages, which further helps in enrichingthe overall shopping experience of the user and also elevates your chances of driving more sales.

Magento guarantees an optimum performance

This factor is the driving force for any e-commerce website since even a delay of a few milliseconds can affect your conversion rate adversely. Since the platform is known for its flexibility, e-commerce businesses can make the most of Magento by adopting advanced caching techniques. Also, the database can be effectively optimized as well.

The platform is incredibly flexible

When we talk about a CMS system, Magento is as flexible as it can be. If you have considerable experience and knowledge about working on this platform, its open design enables you to build rich, diversified consumer experiences for different devices and to personalize the back-end workflows to suit the requirements of your business.

This way, you get to choose and control the look and feel of your Magento website that ultimately allows your brand to become more popular. It also prompts an amazing customer experience. Since the technology of the platform is modular, you have the option of including more functionalities to your e-commerce website.

The platform is also extremely versatile; you can give it a desired shape according to the industry you belong to. This also means if the built-in components of Magento are not sufficient or suitable for your business, you can build extensions and incorporate the elements that are necessary. Additionally, you get to customize your store both from front-end and back-end as per your particular requirement. So, as an eCommerce merchant no matter what your particularrequirements are, Magento will definitely help you to integrate those functionalities.

Optimum level of SEO management

Magento is widely recognized for SEO-friendliness. The platform is developedin a way that lets you make modifications to the Meta-information and URLs of categories, products, content pages, keywords, descriptionsetc. It also offersHTML sitemaps and Google specific sitemaps for userscontent.

Efficient Third Party Integration

To run a successful ecommerce store, Magento enables a seamless integration process with a huge number of third-party services. This means that you can easily incorporate third-party solutions and extensions like an external payment gateway like Paypal, or Google analytics, Google shopping and more. It can also be integrated with WordPress CMS platforms.

Simplifies the process of checkout

The system offers one-page checkout process, backed by a secured SSL. The merchants have the option of arranging the shopping cart by themselves and can also optimize it for an increased rate of conversions.
So naturally, if you opt for one-page checkout process on your ecommerce site, you will notice less number of visitors leaving after adding the products to the cart. Also, there are multiple plugins that can be installed with Magento for faster and more consistent checkout system to keep your clients satisfied.

Support multiple languages and stores

Magento can support multiple setups, multiple stores, and multiple languages from the one admin panel, so it’s a lot less time-consuming,and cost-effective and saves a lot of effort. With just one installation, users can integrate multi-stores in the platform.

Similarly, because of its capacity to adapt, you can also control the entire shop (and all the elements of it) in any language you need. You can easily integrate several languages in one shop or different shops. All in all, Magento makes it easier for you to manage your store’s stock, billing, client records and so on from a single admin dashboard.

Personalized themes

Magento provides over 1,900 eCommerce themes to download through the Magento Connect. Most of the themes have been created by developers. It also supports customized modules or themes that can be included in the system without causing disruption to the source code, and that’s how all Magento updates flow effortlessly without splitting them. In case, you are operating on a limited budget, you can choose from the vast reserve of the Magento eCommerce themes.

platform is compatible with mobile devices

In a world that’s concentrated on our palms, with the rapid growth of smartphones, it’s essential that the e-commerce businesses make their websites easily accessible for smaller devices.

Keeping up with that necessity, the Magento eCommerce Platform presents a thoroughly mobile-focused technology in a way that allows the customers to have the same experience in the smartphone space, as they would witness while visiting the desktop version of the website.

The platform enables the users to go through audiovisuals, drag and drop options, and also the facility to regulate the screen size to make it accessible to mobiles and websites.

Advanced analytics and tracking

This is a relatively new feature integrated by the Magento’s ecommerce platform and is known as Magento’s Business Intelligence. This advanced analytics tool is customizable and is becoming quite popular with business and technical users already.

Extremely cost-effective

The affordability of this platform is possibly what makes it better than any othere-commerce CMS platform. Ideally, you would haveto shell out a huge amount for selecting a professional eCommerce platform. However, Magento is absolutely free of cost, and you’d only have to pay the charges forcustomization and installation charges. So it doesn’t weigh down on the pocket either.

As a parting note, it must be pointed out that Magento does have an edge over other prominent e-commerce platforms, as it caters to every need of the businesses and consumers effectively. Magento e-commerce system presents boundless opportunities, from a safe shopping experience to the hassle-free management of product, to simple third-party integration, all of which assists in driving your business in the right direction of growth.

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