4 Myths about Laser Tattoo Removal Debunked

Laser Tattoo Removal

For most of the people getting a tattoo is a way to express them. A neatly done tattoo is more than just a body art it is an effective medium to help express affection for special people in life or a badge of honour from a turbulent past life. That said, all tattoo artists are not created equal and one mistake in etching can often result in a miserable and unwanted body art. To ensure that people do not have to carry miserable designs on their body forever, laser technology has advanced and can remove the unwanted tattoos effortlessly and effectively with various tattoo removal machines in the market. 

Laser IPL machine for sale is one such that can effectively get rid of the tattoo. This technology uses non-coherent light with a wavelength of 500nm to 1200nm. The laser beam passes through the skin, targeting only the ink particles of the tattoo, thus breaking it down into tiny particles to help the immune system move them out of the body. This type of treatment is less painful and less harmful to the skin. This treatment can be safely used on all parts of the body such as neck, chest, back, hands and legs.

In spite of being the safest and effective treatment, there is a lot of misleading information and misconceptions about it. Every person and tattoo are unique, which means results can vary from patient to patient. Techniques and technology have changed, but rumours linger on. Here we have put together most prevalent myths and actual facts you need to know before considering laser tattoo removal.

Myth #1 – Laser Tattoo Removal Causes Scarring

Fact – Laser tattoo removal is unlikely to cause any form of scarring. This myth comes from the fact that laser tattoo removal can aggravate existing scar. If you are aware of any existing scars in the treatment area, tell your technician prior to treatment. A pre-consultation is also a necessary part as the technician examines the tattoo for the existing scars and skin type. This is essential because scars become more noticeable after the treatment session. However, skin treatments to reduce the appearance of scarring are available and if you follow proper before and aftercare instructions, the skin heals well. 

Myth #2 – Tattoo Removal is Painful

Fact – As the technology progresses, so does the ability to offer effective and comfortable treatment. While it is true that there is some discomfort associated with the laser tattoo removal procedure, it is commonly described as a tingling sensation, but only as long as the laser is on. Sensitive areas of the body such as feet, ribs and wrists are more prone to pain and discomfort.  To overcome the natural sensitivity of the body, a tattoo removal expert may apply a topical numbing cream to further reduce pain and discomfort.  

Myth #3 – New Tattoos are Easier to Remove

Fact – Many people think that newer tattoos are easy to remove, as they are getting the tattoo removed before the ink has the chance to settle into the skin. However, for laser tattoo removal the skin needs to heal properly, which is weeks after the tattoo is complete. The older tattoos are easier to remove, specifically because, ink fading results in less required treatment sessions. 

Myth #4 – Removing Black Ink is Hardest

Fact – If you have a black only tattoo you are actually lucky. Of all the ink colour, black is easiest to remove as it has the least amount of additives. The darker the ink, the easier it is to remove it. Black colour absorbs all wavelengths, so the laser is able to break it completely yielding nearly a perfect success rate and that too in fewer treatment sessions. As compared coloured tattoos are harder to remove, and require more treatment sessions before they completely disappear.

Laser tattoo removal is one of the best and effective ways to get rid of unwanted body art. However, it is important that you separate facts from myths before taking the plunge. Being an informed individual will help you make a better decision. So, if you are considering getting tattoo removal, just remember that lasers are the absolute best and safest way.


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