How to clean the inside of your car


Suppose you drive the car furiously, in the meantime, you see the road at opaque because of your grimy car glass. Then, might be some unexpected thing happened. Basically, we equipped this article for you to meet this goal how to clean the inside of your car.

It is not expected to everyone that inside of the car is full with messy materials. These extraneous materials may sometimes pale you at mentally. On the other hand, a well organized car exaggerates your personality. So, keep your dashboard trash and germ free. After having this article, you regain your car as new ones.

Necessary equipment

  • Decent vacuum cleaner: You need a vacuum cleaner that has an extended hose and reach any rough place. You also add a steam cleaning machine.
  • Cleaning products: To clean the vinyl, plastic and upholstery, you need appropriate cleaning products according the manual.
  • Scrubbing materials: Window cleaner is needed to clean the window or stain remover is needed to remove the stain. A microfiber towel may be used to remove ammonia from the glass.
  • Brushes: Different brushes are needed such as soft bristle brush. A cotton bud is also needed to clean hard to reach place.

Get away extraneous items

There are many unnecessary things lay down in the car such as toys, gym’s materials and so on. These materials are no need to stay that particular area. So, you have to de-clutter your car to keep the car tidy.

Get away trash

Many items (such as unused papers) have in the car, but we do not take away these trash at all. You can do one thing placing the recycle bin in a particular area and dispose the trash in the recycle bin. So, you can easily dispose the recycle bin.

Cleaning the dashboard

Instead of the rug, you use car cleaning wipes to clean the central console, dashboard and steering. One thing you should remember that you must clean the central console with clean cloth. If you do not do such thing, you just redistribute the dust. You may use a cotton bud to clean hard to reach area such as inside of the steering.

Detail the buttons on the dashboard

You clean the buttons on the dashboard with damp rag and after some times dry the button with a clean rag. Also, you may use a Flathead stick to take away sticky grime. To take away leather grain from the console or steering, you may use a soft bristle brush. You can maintain tough spots with an old brush.

Clean the window with window cleaner

You may use the microfiber towel to clean the window. Microfiber is appropriate to clean hard stain. Firstly, you disburse some spray on the microfiber. Then you efface the window. This task helps you to prevent ammonia accumulating on the glass.

Polish the window

Using circular motion with a microfiber towel, you scrub the rear window, side window and so on. You polish the window in such a way, you able to remove any streaks from nook and cranny area.

Clean the surface mat

Grime and dust are accumulating underneath the floor mats. So, you have to remove that grime. If your floor mats are made with plastic, you take out the mats and shake it appropriately. For carpet mats, you vacuum the carpet mats inside of the car or outside of the car. After cleaning the interior of the car, you place those  mats in appropriate place.

Vacuuming your car

Firstly, you vacuum the top surface of the car and then step down. You have to use different nozzles to clean various surfaces. For cleaning upholstery area such as headliner, seats and so on, you use upholstery nozzle. You use the crevice tool to clean the crevices in the seat pockets.

For cleaning hard area, you must use dusting brush. Also, you may use floor brush to clean the floor of the car. To know about details, you may search as the best vacuum for car interior

Cleaning pet fur

It is painful for everyone to remove pet fur from the car. A vacuum cleaner may not clean the all pet fur. They’re sometimes residue in the car. To get rid of this, you may blow up a balloon and scrub it to create static electricity and finally you get fur-free car.

Clean the driving seat

To clean underneath of the front seat, you push the seat backward. Then, you use the crevice tool to clean the grime and debris.

Clean the leather and upholstery seat

You should replace the torn leather seat with new ones. To clean your leather seat, you use a soft brush and a suitable cleaner such as saddle soap. When you clean the new leather seat, you apply the cleaner on a small portion of the seat to see whether it is appropriate or not.

Check thoroughly the manual of the upholstered seat. Firstly, you spray some cleaner on the seat and then vacuum the upholstered seat. You may use carpet cleaner to clean but do not use window cleaner.

You may use a stain remover to clean sticky grime on the seat cover.

Keep the car in the air

Open all your car door so that inside air easily goes outside. You may this task in the sunny day. Obviously this helps you to smell out after having the vacuum.

Car freshener

You  make homemade air freshener easily with 1 cup of baking soda and 5 drops of essential oil. Put  this mixture in the glass or tight plastic bag for 24 hours. Then sprinkle this mixture on the floor and take sometimes to sit. After vacuuming the floor, you enjoy fresh and clean air.

You install a specialized air freshener if you smoke. It is better for you to install a long-lasting air freshener to get rid of using incessant.

This is all about how to clean the inside of your car? If you follow those tips, I assume that you enjoy your life with more enchanting. Hopefully, you enjoy this article. Thank you for your patience.



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