Top 7 Mobile Technologies You Must Know in 2018


In the recent past there were a number of ground-breaking technologies witnessed that related to the smartphone. In the coming years, we can only assume that things will get better. Mobile technology is slowly but surely redefining how most of us live our lives. Let’s take a look at some of the mobile technology trends that are around or sure to be in the near future.

Speech-to-Speech Translation

Microsoft first exhibited their speech-to-speech translation in 2012, whereas today, we can experience real-time multilingual conferences calls. IBMs Watson supercomputer platform has also been opened up to third-party developers to take advantage of. This makes it much easier for language based apps to be developed. In the future we can expect individuals to be about to communicate all over the world irrespective of language or location, which will definitely be a good thing for humanity.

Less Power Hungry Mobile Chips

The tech industry, from the very beginning, have always looked at making smaller and more powerful chips, which require far less time to charge. In recent times, we’ve witness more powerful, yet smaller chips. Intel, a computing company has already successfully started to add more transistors to their chips, therefore enhancing the overall powerful of them. Intel have confirmed that within the coming years we can expect significant technological changes.


HTML5 won’t become that simple panacea for the portability of mobile apps, this is because its immature and fragmented, posing both a security and implementation risk. However, over time we can expect HTML5 to mature, and with it, an increase in popularity of hybrid, mobile web applications. Hence, despite all of its current challenges, we can expect for it to become essential technology for software developers across many different platforms.

Advanced Mobile User Interface

The very best mobile apps are now creating super advanced user experiences, which they are able to achieve using a number of new mythologies and techniques, such as playing videos motivation design, playful interfaces and quiet designs. Designers are also looking at mobile challenges and incorporating them into their designs, such as partial user interruption and attention, or that is capable of exploiting technologies that have their own novel or wow factors, augmented reality being a prime example. These very best consumer apps have become the standard in user interface design, which has led to all organisations having to learn new skills in order to create apps that meet the new standard in user experience.

 Wireless Charging

One of the major issues that most smartphone users face today is a draining battery. On a day to day basis, people will use their smartphone for any number of tasks, such as , playing computer games, listening to their favourite tunes and running resource hungry apps, all of which takes a toll on the battery. Many of these users have stated that, because of the many activities they carry out on their smartphone, they are forced to charge their phone every single day.

There has been a big buzz of recent in the mobile industry, that it is now possible to charge your phone while out and about, and even by tapping on the mobile screen. With the use of your body heat, it can be made possible to give your phone a much needed charge. Within the coming years, we should be introduced to a rapid charger that will be able to charge your phone within a minute. In the future, we should also see individuals charging their phones without the requirement of a cable.

 Mobile Security

When it comes to smartphone users, mobile security has to be one of those major issues. As per industry requirements, smartphones made in the future will emphasis security a great deal. One of the ways it will do this is by examining your ear canal (as everyone’s is unique), combined with the use of biometrics phone access can be restricted.

Additionally, everybody has their own unique voice. Or maybe the smartphone will be able to distinguish blood vessel patterns; we can expect to see all of this in the coming years.

Hydrogen Cell

With the introduction of Hydrogen Cells, it’s now possible for you to use your smartphone for weeks on end without having to charge it. Apple, ROHM semiconductors and a host of other computer companies are utilising their best effects to bring such technology to the foreground within the coming years. When this technology eventually hits the stage, it will have a massive impact on smartphone use, primarily for the better.

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Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website


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