9 Tips from A Male Escort That You Need To Show Your Man RN


Whether you’re in a long term relationship, or just playing the field, we’ve got ten tips from a male escort that every guy you’re with should know. Male escorts have been pleasing and pleasuring women for centuries, with one unique trait that makes them experts in their field: their livelihood depends on their skills at keeping the ladies happy. Our friend Alex, a male escort from gentlemen4hire.com, is here to tell you how to get your man to pony up and get you to go buck wild more often.

It’s not all about getting laid and getting paid

“As guys, we tend to be pretty singularly minded” Which can be a major boon, when he’s able to task master and focus on projects or items that really get a job done. However, when “you’re so focused on the finish line, you tend to forget about all of the training that allows you to run the race”. Simply put? You can’t treat sex as an afterthought or a urge to be satisfied. Making it only about the big O is a huge turn off for most women. He has to set aside his personal and professional life occasionally and make it all about you. A nice dinner or a night on the town is sometimes all it takes to get your thermostat to rise.

Give you a reason to feel sexy

“Gifts are a great way to break the ice, or just remind your woman that you’re thinking about her”. A sexy piece of nice lingerie or treating you to a fun playdate at the local sex shop for a new vibrator are great ways keep the bedroom on your mind while being a “little bit naughty”. An added bonus is that he’ll not only get hours of mental material thinking about you using them, but you also end up with something that’s nice just for you.

Leave the office out of the bedroom

“Bedrooms are for two things only: Sleeping and having sex”. Bringing his laptop or Playstation into the bedroom is a big no-no. This one goes for both sexes. Sure, reliving Jim and Pam’s relationship from The Office as you wind down from your day seems like a great idea, but once you introduce work into your play area, expect a time out. “making the bedroom a sex sacred space is the best way to train your mind to have sex more often”. Much like Pavlov with his dogs, if you make your bedroom a for sex only area, you’ll be salivating for each other every time you hit the sheets.

You are a Goddess and he should be praying at your temple

He needs to go downtown more often. “There’s no other way to say it… just get really good at giving head”. You have to give to receive, trite but true, and it’s no secret that your man longs for a little mouth to member action now and then, but make sure he doesn’t forget about you. There are an INSANE amount of nerve endings throughout your pelvic palace and he should be finding ways to stimulate every single one of them.

Sweep her off her feet

“Sometimes the sexiest thing a man can do for a women is just help out around the house.” It’s not only a visual confirmation to you that he notices all of the daily tasks you content with, but it also shows that he’s appreciative and wants to help out. Whether it’s finally fixing the pantry shelf or unloading the dishwasher, a little loving care can lead to some good clean fun.

Be kind, rewind

“Recreate a first date, buy her favorite kind of flowers… Do anything to show her that you listen, and you remember”. Remembering dates and preferences isn’t just helpful and making you feel special, it can also translate to the bedroom, making it easier to recall all of your favorite erogenous zones and exactly how to show them attention.

Couples that play together, stay together

“Hands off, mutual masturbation is incredibly hot” Watching each other truly enjoy yourselves is an incredibly intimate and tantalizing way to play. With a hands off approach, you can even add “no come” rules, for an extra sexy foreplay. Taking the time to appreciate and explore each others bodies is something that we seldom do in our world of instant gratification. Sometimes the best way to please us, is to not please us at all…. yet.

May I have this dance?

“Toys or role playing games are a great way to add an element of fantasy into the bedroom. Using either teaches you to slow down and learn how to play directly off of your womans’ reactions.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves Alex! Don’t forget the old adage that “it takes two to tango”, it doesn’t matter who leads or who follows, learning to gauge your reactions off of your partners responses can lead to some pretty spectacular orgasms. “Just take to the time to be in sync with one another.” Toys or role play games force couples to ask questions and pay attention to their answers.

Nerves belong in your pants, not in your mind

“Don’t doubt yourself. Women aren’t really interested in answering ‘do you like that?’ over and over again. If she likes it, you’ll know”. Confidence is key! Don’t be afraid to be a little  risky when you’re getting frisky. Bring some dirty talk to the table, make requests, and don’t handle us like we’ll break or bite your head off. Sometimes it’s quite alright to grab your lady by the shoulders and plant a spontaneous and spine tingling kiss. Letting all of those great little nerve endings tickle and jolt us in all the right places.

We asked Alex if he had any pointers for the ladies. His response? A laugh, a coy grin, and words to live by: “Men are easy, an old-fashioned surprise handy works every time.”


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