4 Wholesale Collections as a Gift for Male and Female Los

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Every year, we tend to update and change the contents of our wardrobe—thanks to some fashion trends. Each season comes with new designs and patterns to follow. Designers and influential people dictate what to recycle and what to keep. Hence, it is very unusual to see people who don’t adopt trends coming in and out these past few years.
Because of this existing pattern of consumption, people nowadays buy in a wholesale so that they could avail of the discount from stores. Wholesale is defined as buying or selling a product or products in large quantities. Thus, a lot of people want to buy wholesale.

Consequently, entrepreneurs heed the yearning of the people. They start selling their products in bulk or large quantities. Apparel such as clothing, pants, footwear, and accessories are some of the everyday items you can purchase at a wholesale price.

Consider gifting wholesale items these holiday season. Here are the six clothes and accessories wholesale Bob Marley you can give as a gift to your loved ones.

1) Printed tops

Statement shirts and artistic tops allow the wearer to express what kind of emotions they have at the particular moment or day. The shade of the color, the type of fabric and the cut of the top all matter when dressing according to the person’s mood and feeling.

Both genders are particular when it comes to what they wear on top. It’s the first thing that people see, so each detail matter. There are various options to choose from when gifting tops to loved ones.

Boys will appreciate a classic crew neck with a front print of their favorite band, quote or famous personality. V-necks, polo shirts and tank tops for the summer are other types of tops that boys will highly-appreciate.
For the girls, you may opt for dresses, t-shirts and hooded jackets. Muscle tees are also trendy, and useful come music festival season.

When buying a top with print, stick to fabrics with solid colors and smooth texture. The design can clash with the color or the material of the clothing so stick with a clean and minimal background.

2) Bottoms
Pants are a great buy too. Your choices for male friends are slacks, jeans, trousers, and shorts. For female friends, you may choose leggings, rugged pants, party pants, patterned pants and dark jeans.
It’s easier to purchase bottoms for women as fast fashion made it possible to have several designs and types of bottoms readily available. Leggings come in different material and print. Same goes for jeans and shorts for both genders.

However, pants sizes can be tricky. Make sure that the pair of pants fit the person or you can run the risk of having your gift regifted. *Ouch!* Better yet, ask the person who will receive the present as to what type of pants they want including their size.

3) Footwear

When it comes to footwear, men and women have very distinct tastes. Men favor flat soles with a clean or shiny finish. Some of their chosen footwear include canvas shoes, sneakers, leather loafers and athletic shoes.
There are synthetic leather and genuine leather shoes. Synthetic leather is more versatile as it can be dyed and comes in different colors. Sneakers and athletic shoes are also available in various shades and material. It’s best to consider the activities and lifestyle of the person to receive the pair of shoes.

Women, on the other hand, prefer heels, doll shoes, pumps, canvas shoes, flip-flops and open-toed alternatives. Women’s shoes are more diverse and complex, so it’s best to ask the opinion of the person to receive the pair of shoes for distinction. Each pair of footwear contains a unique detail that can match or clash with the construction of the shoe. Hence, it can be tricky to find the right shoe for the ladies.

4) Bags

Bags are the most functional pieces of accessories. It can store all your necessities for the day while highlighting your overall look.

You find various styles of bags for male and female. There are also unisex styles such as the backpack, duffel, messenger, satchel, and the fanny pack. Each style comes in different material and customized hardware that increases the personal appeal of the item.

Clutches, totes, wristlets, shopper, and bucket bags are some of the top choices for women. Those made of leather have a higher than average price and lasts longer. Those made of plastic are also durable but may be subject to wear and tear due to extreme weather conditions.

5) Jewelry


When it comes to fashion, the accessories break or make the overall look. Good thing that the choices of accessories endless.

Jewelry is an example of accessory you can avail at a wholesale price. Examples include armbands, buttons, cufflinks, tiara, formal insignia, neckwear, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches, chains, tie clips and tie pins.

Jewelry can be the cheapest or the most extravagant item among the bunch though it is widely available in various shops and stores. Some are made of gems and stones. Others are composed of plastic and other artificial materials designed to resemble the real thing.

6) Other Accessories

Other accessories can enhance the appeal of an outfit. Armbands, eyewear, gloves, headgear, umbrellas, watches and wearable devices are some of the items you give to loved ones.

Each item has a significant function that builds the personality and enhances the outfit of the person. Most people hand out accessories as they can be easily integrated into any style. Moreover, they are useful, handy and can be used every season.

When buying wholesale products, make sure you can afford the price. They are affordable as long as you plan and identify the items you need to purchase. Before looking for shops to buy wholesale items, list the things you are looking for to prevent compromising your budget and preferences. Once you’ve identified the clothing options that will fit the people to receive it, you can look for shops, stores and business establishment that will cater to your needs.


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