How Online TV Streaming Sites are Killing TV

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The age of Internet has come and the number of Peoples getting access to the Internet is increasing daily. As the usage of the Internet is increasing daily and the number of people who stream online is also increasing at a rapid rate.

Most people nowadays prefer using Online streaming service rather than traditional TV. According to Statista During the survey(in the USA alone), 54 percent of respondents aged 18-29 stated that they use streaming more than traditional TV.

These data show a huge threat to the traditional TV as they might lose to Netflix and Hulu :

Going deeper we saw there is a Positive as well as a negative aspect of replacing Traditional TV with online streaming services. We will discuss them later in the article.

We will now break down both of these and analyze them separately to see which of them is better!

Traditional TV:

With the invention of First Mechanical TV, by John Logie Baird, the world has seen the something they never thought will soon become the primary mode of entertainment. As the rest of the History of TV is well known to all of us.

During the 19th Century, TV was the main Primary source of Entertainment, apart from entertainment is also serves news all across the world becoming a medium of mass advertising and awareness. People used to gather at one place to watch famous TV shows altogether, hah! those golden days.

In 20th Century TV again gone under a huge change with 3D, 4K and curved Displays that left a mark that TV is still not dead yet.

However, now TV has become much more limited to a Monitor for Video Games and Movies than for use in daily entertainments like watching TV shows and Sports. There are several reasons behind it and some of these reasons are:

Lack of Freedom:

Viewers are bound to watch in specific Place where the TV is being Placed, this is a critical drawback of TV. Nobody wants to sit in a specific place for hours and hours to watch their favorite Movies and TV shows but they are bound to do so as we cannot take the TV out with us everywhere.

Lack of Content:

Increase in web series and online-specific content increases the availability of shows on streaming services than TV. Viewers cannot watch whatever they want every time on TV, they have to watch what is being aired at the time.

As everything comes with its own set of disadvantages and advantages, and so is TV so let’s have a look at some of the positive points of our traditional TV:


Traditional TV is usually being operated by Cable or Satellite that provides a much stable connection. No matter internet is working or not your TV will sever continuously for hours and hours.


The dramatic type but true self that TV allows quality times with family, remember the Time when you used to sit with the whole family to watch a Movies?

If you do, then believe me you are a lucky being.

Online Streaming:

With the increase in Mass Online streaming service in between 2005-2010, the world marked the first glimpse of future with services like Netflix and Youtube.

  1. Netflix had over 52 million streaming subscribers in the United States alone as of the third quarter of 2017.
  2. According to Fortune Lords, Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.

These online streaming services taking everything from TV as apart from becoming the primary source of entertainment they are also serving as a medium of mass communication and advertising in a much better way than TV.

But… What’s the reason behind its huge success over TV?


Users get a freedom of access. They can access their favorite shows from wherever they want and however they want, while traveling, in the bedroom and even in movie theatres!(Seriously Guys, Who watches a movie on Phone in Movie Theater?)

Huge Library of Content:

With increasing in Popularity of Online streaming services now that producers are also focusing more on them thus releasing streaming specific contents that cannot be accessed by the Traditional TV. Views get a variety of choices that they usually don’t get on Traditional TV.


Online streaming services offer a wide range of TV shows and movies that you can enjoy, viewers don’t need to wait for anything to stream TV shows of their favorite genre, just click and play!

While it was a bit hard to find some of the downsides of online streaming option but in the end, I did that too…

Lack of Connections:

Online streaming services often devices us from family as we usually enjoy shows on our own personal devices in alone whereas I have discussed earlier how TV connects us more with peoples we care for.

What else we want from life?

Unstable (Sometimes):

Sometimes the streaming quality depends on our Internet Connection which is not as stable as in comparison to TV cables and satellites. Sometimes due to the slow connection, we face the buffering and similar issue that is just irritating as smiles…

A Major concern with online Streaming services is Piracy, peoples are blindly using sites like Couchtuner and The Pirate Bay, that are harming the overall revenues of the TV shows and Movies as well as the users themselves in various ways. Sites like Couchtuner are neither safe nor legit to use.

With all being said we all know that TV is far left behind to these online streaming services, and soon it will completely vanish. While we know that “Change is the only Constant thing”, still it’s hard to believe on these facts and much hard to live with them.

Good or Bad, better or not, we can’t deny that TV has been with us longer than these online streaming services, and shown us the better side of indoor entertainment, but now it’s time to change, for BETTER…

What are your views on this topic? Whatever it is we will love to know, so let’s discuss in Comments!

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