10 Minute Extreme HIIT Heavy Bag Workouts That Work


Starting a boxing workout means full commitment and continuous work towards progress. Most people who start boxing just want to become strong enough to defend themselves. However, once they start their boxing workout and they find their passion in the game, they start to look for ways to get into the shape that can lead them to professional boxing. One of the main things that help them in this domain is when they can divide their workout. Professionals explain that for an immature who wants to start professional boxing, the main focus should be on technique. Once the technique is good then the focus should be on the combinational and finally the focus should be on the speed. Where most people want to polish the technique and speed simultaneously, they end up confusing the overall method. The best method is to keep the track of progress and aim for at least one percent of continuous progress per day. This means that even if you are perfecting one single punch every day this will be enough for you. You can then eventually move to punch combinations within a few months and this will lead you to the overall practice. Another very important thing is the fact that people keep complaining about time. In the fast-paced world, we live in today, finding time for exercise is very important. To address these issues, multiple research has been introduced that conclude that you don’t need too much time for daily exercise. Just 10 minutes running or a 10 minutes boxing workout will be enough for you to get into good shape. With a better muscular physique that comes with an improvement in the boxing technique, you will see that your body is gaining endurance as well.

With the help of this article, you will be able to learn how to distribute your boxing workout with time. Apart from this, the article will also help you to know in detail about different exercises that will improve your strength and endurance. With the help of this exclusive workout plan, you will be able to complete a professional workout within just 10 minutes.

How to Distribute the Workout Time for Solo Boxing Class?

When you are working out with professional coaches you will see that you will start with a simple class where you will have at least 10 to 20 students. These classes are just for simple weight loss or helping you get into shape. Once you are done with these classes but you still want to continue professionally, only then you will switch to the private coach. Following a simple class is pretty easy because you are just going with the flow, however, with a solo class you need to take the lead.

For the solo class, you need to distribute your overall workout routine in three main steps. The first step needs to consist of just a warm-up. This will help you get ready for the workout and it also helps in reducing the chance of injury. Most people add stretching and cardio within this category. The second phase is the full workout phase which will consist of punching combinations, multiple workouts including the heavy bag and shadowboxing. Finally, the third part will consist of a cool-down session in which positive imagery will be included. Positive imagery is a simple relaxing technique that will help you with strategy making as well.

Simple HIIT Workout Plan for Skill and Strength

Before jumping into the workout plan, you need to know in detail about the HIIT. High-intensity interval training is something that can be linked to weight loss. You have high-intensity exercises followed by a simple interval of rest. This helps you lose more calories and also helps in developing better endurance.

Warm-Up Session

Your warm-up session will consist of two main exercises. You will be able to spend a total of 1.5 minutes on this whole warm-up session followed by a simple 0.5 minutes of rest. Some people like to take just 20 seconds or 10 seconds of rest, this depends on how much time you have.

Rope Skipping

This will take only 0.5 minutes and you do not need any heavy equipment. Just start the rope skipping with both legs and complete the time. Some people like to do the alternative step as well so you can do the walking rope skipping as well.

Jumping Jack

This is a very important exercise because you will be sweating in no time. This is a high interval exercise that will help you bring up your heartbeat. For this, you need no equipment and only 1 minute. For jumping jack, you need to start with standing straight, and then as your jump just open your hands and legs out wide.

Skill Based Workout

Between the warm-up and skill-based workout, you need 30 seconds to break. This will be your interval however when it comes to skill-based workout, you need to insert 10 seconds of rest after each exercise.


One of the most important skills in boxing is to duck each time your opponent tries to punch you. Most people set a simple rope at the waist to set a height for ducking, others skip this out and only tuck their chin under their neck and jump from side to side for practicing. The best method is to set a rope and try to swing from side to side.

Punching Combination

Now, this is a fun part because you will learn a way to attack or defend. Just take one minute and use a heavy bag where you can practice any combination. There are multiple punching combinations that you can try, each has its significance.

Note: Alternative Exercises

While customizing the workout you also need to find a three exercise combination for each day. You can use mountain climbers, plank punches pushups, boxing gloves, and simple punching combinations to your workout plan.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that your customized workout plan is the only way that can lead you towards success. You can start with the class and with a private trainer but once you feel like you have reached a point that you no longer need the trainer you can do it on your own. Another important thing to keep in mind is the fact that you need to set an aim. If you aim to only improve your strength or work on your endurance, you opt for simple HIIT exercises. You will not only lose weight but you will also see improvement in strength and endurance which means you can keep working for long hours without getting tired. HIIT is incredible workout training for people who just want to improve their overall body stamina.


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