Central Coast Bathroom Renovations Tips from Bathroom Renovators


Any kind of renovation is a tiresome and not so very interesting task. However when time comes to renovating your bath space that needs to look calm and peaceful along with multi-functional feature at the same time – the stake somehow seems higher. You have to make million decisions about each and every thing in your bathroom, from the mirror selection to the color of the grout. The difference in the price tag is surprising.

Factors to Consider

  • Make Sure You and Your Contractor Both Know What You Want: While working with Bathroom Central make sure they understand the image which you have in your mind for the bath. Talk to your contractor every time there is a decision to be made. You should confirm the details again and again. Renovation is like an important surgery of a body part. You should form a team with your contractor to avoid making mistakes, so that you can avoid anything wrong happening during the renovation.
  • Cost of the Bathroom Remodeling: If you are thinking you can remodel your bathroom with a couple of thousand dollars, you are absolutely wrong. Renovation of a bathroom in 2016 was £11,364, which was vouched by National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). A basic bathroom, where the materials used are not very expensive, could cost around £1,500 to £5,000. While, the luxury bathroom renovation would cost up to £23,000. Bathroom remodeling is expensive because fixing and plumbing takes about 29% of the total cost following that is the labor cost which is about 20%. The bathroom project should not exceed 5% to 10% of your home value.
  • Bathtub Option: There are two types of bath tub freestanding bathtub and claw foot bathtubs. The freestanding bathtubs are bigger in size and can hold two people at once. However they are harder to clean and they do not keep the water warm for a very long time. However if you like taking showers this is a better option. Also they look more luxurious than the claw foot bathtubs. The claw foot bathtubs do not have an option for stashing soaps, shampoos near you. Find out innovative ways to keep the essentials within your reach. If you like taking long baths make sure you have proper insulation added to the wall to keep the water warm. Also bathtubs are hard to clean so if you are not very fond of cleaning you should check your options before proceeding.
  • Lighting of the Bathroom: lighting of the bathroom should be sufficient. Make sure you place a light in the center of the ceiling. Bathroom should be bright. Make sure you have extra light near the mirror if you are very fond of doing makeup.
  • Storage Area or Accessible Outlets: We should always consider storage area and outlets. If you do not have proper outlets you may face difficulty in plugging your electronics such as Hairdryers. Make sure that you have installed necessary storage area like medicine cabinets and storage units in your bathroom.


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