What to Know When Getting a Quote to Move Your Car


A car shipping estimate is useful for planning financial resources. Thinking about potential insurance coverage and common quote mistakes is also important. A stress-free car shipping experience begins with careful planning and research to determine which method will work best for you and your vehicle.

Considerations When Requesting a Vehicle Transportation Estimate

Getting a quote is a crucial first step when transporting a vehicle. Consider these guidelines as you shop around for auto transport prices.

Cost-Affecting Variables

The price of transporting your vehicle will depend on several factors. Quotes can vary depending on several factors, including the distance traveled, the vehicle being transported, the specific transport service required, and the season.

Examine the Business

Researching a company thoroughly before shipping a vehicle or getting a quote is essential. Verify the company’s legitimacy by reading online reviews and requesting copies of their license and proof of insurance. You can also see if there have been any complaints lodged against the company by consulting the Better Business Bureau.

Check Out Several Estimates.

Compare multiple quotes from different companies to ensure you get the best price. Be bold about asking questions or trying to bargain the price with the business.

Learn How to Make a Payment

Knowing how a quote will be paid for is important before accepting it. A down payment may be necessary from some businesses, while others may demand payment in full just before the vehicle is delivered. Also, learn the company’s refund policy if you need to cancel or alter your shipping plans.

Get Your Car Ready for Shipping.

Make sure your vehicle meets all shipping specifications before sending it out. Some examples of this preparation are emptying the glove compartment, washing the interior, and filling the gas tank. You should get a detailed list of necessities from your shipping firm.

How to Get the Best Deal on Auto Shipping?

Negotiating the price of auto transport is one way to save money when moving a vehicle. Learn how to get the best deal on car shipping by following these suggestions.

Examine Current Market Prices

You should find out the going rate for car shipping in your area before beginning negotiations. Find out if a company charges fairly by comparing its prices to the market average.

Describe any Exceptional Circumstances.

Remember to bring up any unique circumstances that could affect the cost of transporting your car if you’re in a negotiation. A higher rate could be reasonable if, for instance, your shipment needs to be delivered quickly or must remain secure during transit.

Think About the Timing

The cost of vehicle shipping can vary depending on the time of year, with peak seasons typically commanding higher rates. Planning your transport for the off-season could save you money, or you could try to negotiate a discount for a less popular shipping date.

You Should Leave if You Feel Like It

Keep in mind that you have the option to leave if the company is unwilling to negotiate a fair price with you. If negotiations break down, you should be ready to look elsewhere for employment.

Carefully Read the Contract.

Always read over a contract thoroughly before signing it, and feel free to ask questions about anything that needs clarification. Verify that the agreed-upon price is specified in the Contract and that you fully grasp the payment terms.

How to Keep Tabs on Your Car While it’s in Transit

Keeping tabs on your vehicle while in transit can ease your mind and help you prepare for its arrival. Here are some suggestions for keeping tabs on your vehicle in transit.

View the Latest Developments

Ensure that the online tracking portal you employ can provide you with current information about the location and status of your vehicle. Then, you can monitor its location and prepare for its arrival.

To Communicate With the Driver or Carrier

You can contact the driver or carrier directly to get an official update. Obtain a phone number or email address and establish a timetable for sending updates.

Communicate Again With the Carrier

If you aren’t receiving regular updates or are concerned about your vehicle’s location, contact the transportation company—contact support to learn the status of your shipment or any questions about it.


Obtaining a car shipping estimate is simple if you are well-prepared. Find as much as possible about transport companies, services, and variables affecting your transport time and budget. Verify the insurance coverage and policy terms before committing to a quote.


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