Top Tips to take care of your health and beauty

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Taking care of yourself is extremely important! Nowadays, in this age of social media and superficial beauty we tend to think if I look good in a picture then I must be healthy and beautiful in real life. All those superficially beautified face, starved to death abs are actually negatively taking a toll on your body and you might not even realize it. The impacts of these might not take place right away but as you age your health and body will start deteriorating!

Taking care of your health and body is not tough. And you don’t have to do anything dramatic to take care of it. Small changes will lead to huge impacts! Today we will be taking a look at some tips to take care of your body and health. So without further ado let’s just dive into it.


Now, this tips might trigger some people and they might just leave without reading the article any more. But don’t! This tip is not some generic advice that you hear very often. I will be diving a bit into the habits that you should follow when you get started with an exercise or workout regimen.

  • Regular VS Daily:

    There is a very fine distinction between daily and regularly. You do not need to exercise every single day of the week. But you do need to workout on a regular basis. The regularity will depend on a lot of factors like your current weight and body fat percentage, your goal, your lifestyle etc. Make time at least thrice a week to drag yourself to the gym and workout! Don’t fall off the bandwagon after working out for a few weeks. Always be regular even if you are working out twice a week. Make sure you get the two workouts in your weekly schedule no matter what!

  • GYM? 

    When it comes to working out a lot of people tend to consider the option of working out at home. There is no harm in working out at home if you have the right types of equipment and know what you are doing. However, when you are just starting out then you definitely should get a gym membership! Because once you are in the gym the environment will motivate you to work out harder and push yourself more and more as you are surrounded by like-minded people. But, if you are working out at home then you might be tempted to skip a day here and there, work out less or even worse stop working out at all. And the best thing about the gym is that you do not need to buy expensive equipment!

  • Weightlifting vs Cardio: 

    When it comes to working out many people tend to be confused over this topic. Whether they should be doing cardio or weightlifting. While both of the workouts are essential to becoming healthy and fit, you will need to emphasize more on the type of exercise depending on your goal. If you want to lose weight then both weightlifting and cardio are great. You should try high-intensity interval training cardio for weight loss. And to tone your body and build some muscle mass, weightlifting is very important.

Overall, do work out regularly. This will lead you to have a positive outlook on life and will elevate your mood every single day. As we know there are countless health and skin benefits of working out, so there is absolutely no necessity to talk about that!

Make-up. Yes or NO!?

When it comes to makeup I tend to have a very specific answer. You don’t have to wear makeup every single day to please others. Wear makeup if it makes you happy. Many of us tend to go overboard and literally make our face unrecognizable with ample amount of makeup. Makeups should highlight the best parts of your face and hide little flaws. Not make you a totally different looking person!

There are a countless number of health and skin related effects of over usage of makeup. You should always consume beauty products in moderation. Try to read the labels of the beauty products and look them up online. This will give you a very good idea what type of chemical you are putting on your face. So, when you are dealing with skin related problems and irritation you can point it out to your doctor.

And even when you apply makeup then you should try this tip out. Before you go to bed take a warm damp cloth and wipe your face. This will make sure your skin is free of any chemical filled makeup which might end up clogging your pores. This will also help you prevent your face from breaking out!


As mentioned earlier, in this age of social media we always tend to put our best picture up online. Even if the picture if superficial and does not portray our true self, we tend to make our life seem extravagant than it actually is. We rarely see any Instagram model posing with their bellies out. Or during holidays in tight clothing when they have put on some weight due to overeating in holidays. Some of us think the fit picture that we see is what they always look like in real life. This is actually false in most cases!

Before a shootout, the models tend to avoid eating and drinking prior to it! So, do not starve in order to look good for social media. You might not feel the effects straight away, but as you age you surely will. As your body will not get enough nutrition, your health will start deteriorating and your skin will also follow through. You might face many skin related problems, and some of them are your face breaking out, you might have tears and acne as a result of a poor diet! So do eat what your body needs and consult with a doctor before following any diet regimen for weight loss that you’ve found online.



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