Trip to The Castle of Count Dracula and Newly Formed Shopping Spree Paradise


All these lesser-known countries of Europe we rarely ever hear anything about until something shocking gets thrown at our face. What do you know about Romania? Chances are that you heard for a mysterious term Transylvania. But did you know that the lands of the notorious Hollywood vampire are situated in modern-day Romania? The castle from where the Count Dracula commanded his cruel reign is no more than an hour of drive from Romanian capital city of Bucharest. Millions of curious travelers are coming here every year to experience the breathtaking surrounding and enjoy the shopping opportunities that are some of the best in all of the EU. Prepare to fall in love with these Balkan folk and their country like you have never before with such little spending.

Prepare to Fall In Love With Eastern Europe In The Most Unexpected Way

Thousands of bachelor crews from all around the world come to experience the best party options in Bucharest. Not only European but from all around the world, even the farthest points of the globe. That’s how far and wide the word about the amazing opportunities that lay in this city has reached.

If you take a look at the tourism history of other more famous European nations, you won’t find anything fascinating as it is regarding the numbers about this newly formed party hub. Risen from the ashes of communism reality and standing modern and more attractive than ever thus the main impression you get just as you land on Bucharest international airport.

These people have come a long way from the monotone concrete reality to the city where the most famous brands are represented and nightlife possibilities are some of the best in Eastern Europe. So how this even came to be? Well, bringing in the western way of lifestyle was a good starting point but as it turned out for all other Balkan folks there is always an addition of their unique representation that creates today an engaging and promising face of new Romania.

These people know how to party! And just as it was for all these bachelor party goers that can’t stop coming in large numbers it is also for all travelers who want to experience everything that Europe has to offer but with much less spending than usual. That said, you should not be surprised if you see everyone leaving the country with large bags full of different stuff from famous brands since that according to European Union statistics there almost 30% lower price tags on anything in Romania then in other EU counterparts.

But don’t get tricked just yet. Bucharest, as well as other Romanian cities, are thriving with rich and turbulent past that left their marks in beautiful architectural and cultural centers. Everything educational that you might expect to experience while visiting Europe will happen here too but as we mentioned a couple of times already, with less spending and certainly more overall enjoyment.

Romanian Ministry of Tourism has stated that 2 out of 5 tourists that come inside this country from distant lands are coming here for a visit to famous Transylvania that is a must stop on your way there. But, combining the trip to the castle of Count Dracula with the other fascinating opportunities can just be the best experience that you had in Europe so far. Think about all the tasteful food and beautiful residents that will be more than happy to welcome you and show you around their gorgeous country and you will probably already have just enough reason to see with your eyes the sensation that this country turns out to be.



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