Pokemon GO Latest Update: plus Device permanence Enhanced, Egg Tracking also Improved


There is no top secret about that Pokemon Go has recently received a new update from Niantic. But a new one has been just released; only it arrived as a pleasant surprise. It is basically meant to bring better performance stability to the Pokemon Go Plus device. You will also observe egg tracking mark has also been enhanced.

It will help to catch monster even more easily. The update has made playing game even easier. Also consider that both of these can be done without using your phone.


To make sure that the update is working on various devices Niantic has released a new update, as reported by Otakukart. The only catch, yet, is it here like a thief in the night. To run this update properly on your device your Android version must have at least 4.4. But of course, the studio does not only mean to improve the higher than mentioned Pokemon Go device. The Niantic has also brought enhancement to the egg tracking attribute of the game. And yes when you play it you will surely feel the improvement remarkably.

As per the recent survey report, the average tracking distance for the Pokemon Go Egg Tracking feature is about 0 to 10 Kms. But now with new modernize it has brought 14Kms. This is surely a better figure than the prior one.

Furthermore, lots of Pokemon Go fans noticed that the follower tend to get efficient more often than yet. If anything else, it seems Niantic did it specifically for players living in city areas. There is even a report about the game being recorded at a distance of 30 to 40 seconds. Considerably varying the way of an exacting group.

Below are some of the new improvements brought to Pokemon GO Egg Tracking feature:

  • 16% to 20% development in tracked detachment.
  • Generally Egg Tracker tends to work quicker when you moving straight way but at the same time barely update when turns are made.
  • GPS loss, different before, does not previously punish tracking.
  • The good thing is when turns are being made it does not lose distance at least for the time so that is really good thing. Kms are designed to snyc with all egg Kms, though the rounding is a bit diverse.


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