Top 5 Wines to Take While Traveling


Oh, it is so relaxing to travel! We are all tired and stressed with work and family obligations. Why not travel and relax? Why not travel and relax while bringing with you your favorite bottle of wine? You know when you picture yourself like that, it really feels so amazing.

I have heard a study where they said that drinking wine is a perfect solution for stress. Drinking wine makes you feel energetic. That is what you need when traveling. When you travel, you will a lot of energy and focus. Drinking enough amount of wine can help you have both.

Although according to researchers, alcohol consumption does have a different effect on people. That is why I am telling you that do not go beyond your limits. Who would want to have an unpleasant lasting souvenir from a certain place you visited?

What am I talking about? It is like when you travel and drink so much wine and you end up doing crazy things. Since taking photos or videos of people doing crazy stuff is a thing today, that is what is likely to happen. What I am telling you now is to be a responsible drinker.

Meaning, just bring your favorite wine. DO NOT drink the wines while driving. Otherwise, you will end up getting an accident or damage people or properties. We all know that drinking alcoholic beverages is illegal. Just bring your wine and drink it when you are at your destination.

I know that you have been craving to travel the world with a perfect bottle of wine. At the same time when you travel, you would want something lighter to bring. Bringing bottled wine will not bring your relaxation. This will just bring you inconvenience.

So what are the best wines to bring? For your convenience, I suggest you bring Boxed Wines. Boxed wines are lighter and easier to bring. Boxed wines taste the same as the regular wines. Although boxed wines are said to have a not-so-good reputation, it is best that you try things for yourself.

It is always good to check first the product instead of relying on the opinions of other people. You will be surprised to know that boxed wines are best for all occasions. Especially when you travel. You can bring plastic cups and voila! You may now enjoy favorite wine in the comfort of your car. I can picture a nice road trip with your friends, laughing, making jokes, and singing while drinking wine!

When you have finally arrived at your destination, a beach or a cave point perhaps. It will be a nice feeling to lay in the reclining seat, eating your favorite dish while sipping a glass of wine. Just thinking about this makes me want to pack my bags, buy the most tasting boxed wine, call a friend, and head out to the beach. What a wonderful feeling indeed!

Let us know the top five wines to take while traveling.

  1. Loft Cabernet Sauvignon – You will not go wrong with this wine. Even if you bring this everywhere, you will not be ashamed of people seeing you with this. This wine is a perfect match for everything. This is perfect for your packed lunch for your travel like lamb meat, roasted chicken or ribs, and steamed fish.
  2. Wine Cube Pinot Grigio – This is a white wine with a twist. This wine has a fruity taste. A citrus blend to be exact. This wine will not disappoint you. This is perfect while you travel in an RV with your family and with grilled meat on the side.
  3. The Naked Grape Pinot Noir – This wine is from a California Vineyard. This is also known as the California-grown Pinot Noir. This wine is known to be best-selling red wine. This wine is light. Perfect for travel. Although light, the taste is not different from the expensive wines you buy. Its lightness is perfect because it does not overpower the taste of the food. This is a perfect pair for a savory dish.
  4. Bota Box Shiraz – This wine is fruity red wine. This is a perfect wine to bring on your travel and when you go camping. This is perfect with your favorite appetizers like a plate of gourmet cheese, cold cuts, and spicy treats.
  5. Black Box Chardonnay – This is wine is also perfect on a road trip with your friends. You can make a sauce based dish like spaghetti, lasagna, and baked macaroni. This wine is perfect for everyday consumption.

It is not so hard to find boxed wines today. When you visit wine or liquor stores, you can find several brands that you can choose from. You can find white wines and red wines in boxes. I have seen promos such as buy one get one for red wines or white wines only. There are mixed options.

Just remember that when choosing wines before traveling, you need to consider the alcohol volume. Do not choose a high level of alcohol content. Remember that you will be on travel. You would not want any unpleasant thing to happen.

Be ready to have the best travel of your life!

Author: Usman Raza is a marketing specialist at and co-founder of Christian Marketing Experts. He has been writing for magazines and newspapers since 2001, and editing and managing websites since 2006. A generalist, his most covered topics are business and technology. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.


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