Oliver Edward Snowden Movie News Update


Snowden is much awaited upcoming movie on USA biographical. It’s basically a political thriller movie that is directed by Oliver Stone and written by Stone. The center story of movie is based on the books The Snowden Files by Luke Harding.  Snowden also had a screening at Comic Con on July 21, 2016 and it is all set to hit the cinema near you in North America on September 16, 2016.

Edward Snowden Movie

The Story is based on Edward Snowden who known as Computer expert who leaked some important information from the NSA. Actually its nothing surprising there considering the movie academy award winning director, referred to Snowden as a leading hero late in 2013,  when he actually flee to Moscow and keep away from trial after betraying his own country.



Incalculable damage to the NSA has already been done by Snowden and in the procedure, as per Professor Robert, who is well known for solving such problem and served as advice to the president’s cleverness oversight board at the white house as well.

Turner adds that Snowden is hail as a hero and “whistle blower” by those who are inexperienced to the destruction he’s completed. “When all of the burn clears, it may very well be proven that Snowden is the most harmful conspirator in American narration.”

Let’s check out what Movie has to say about it

Oliver Stone is specialized in making movie on politically incendiary topic, and you can see that out of his 10 movie 9 based on that. So its obviously source of controversy.  Even whenever he makes a narrative fictional, stone finds the right key and pushes them audience to gossip. Check out the teaser trailer of Snowden.

The Original date of release date was last year, but it was delayed that actually follows the journey of Edward from the army to the CIA and then resulting infamy as he leaked important information about surveillance systems that is basically used globally.

So those now you get brief idea about the story of this movie so if you like such topic and eager to know more about it, you must watch this movie for sure.  As of now this year it looks like this movie is in the spotlight for front runner for the trophy. It’s totally relying on audience now how it will decide strategy for Snowden to Oscar. No matter what will be the result but the key important is how they are going to attract voters this time. As we know 2016 is election year in USA. Snowden will surely a talk of the town for voters and also during the election for sure. So Go must watch the movie next month.


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