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    5 Swimwear Ideas for Your Bali Holidays

    ShareEveryone anticipates holidays. It’s the time when you relax and chill out at some exotic place. If you are looking forward to Bali as your next holiday destination, you my friend, are indeed very lucky. Despite the influx of 4 million tourists every year, Bali is a popular vacation spot – be it your honeymoon, family trip or heading for ...
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    Bored of your office apparel? Here’s how you can revamp your wardrobe on a budget

    ShareNo matter how much you love a dress, you are going to get tired of it one day. And you know it because it happens with all of your dresses. You will get bored with your style. But if you are a working woman, your wardrobe must be 90% work clothes. They are the clothes you wear to work every ...
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    How to Choose Our Wedding Bands in 5 Steps

    ShareSymbol of love and commitment, the alliance is the allegory of your day. While details go unnoticed during the organization of a wedding, the choice of the ring should not be one. It is also given special attention. Afraid to commit an odd? Let us guide you through these 5 steps to the ring of your dreams. Step 1. Determine the budget Cornerstone of the organization of a wedding, all decisions ...
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    7 Hair Care Tips to Try This Winter Season

    ShareThe cold winter air can cause extreme dryness. That is why, during winter months, many ladies and gents struggle with keeping their hair moisturized. The situation even becomes worse for each and every one because of the demanding schedule of school, work, and family.   All this, it will eventually seem like keeping hair naturally healthy during the winter is ...
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    Dressing Up Like A Boss Lady: Tips And Tricks

    ShareMany women have been breaking the glass ceiling. Even more so in the last decade. The fight for reducing the gender gap has witnessed unprecedented heights and it is only but natural that we women brace ourselves well for kicking asses at the workplace. One actionable way to do so is by dressing like the boss lady you really are. ...
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    6 Ways to Wear Chinos for Men

    ShareIn the fashion world, jeans have so far ruled the market. However, this all-time favorite apparel has found a new rival. Yes! We are talking very much about none other than the chinos! However, there is no need to pick up a favorite, because both jeans and chinos fit the bill for being trendy, versatile and comfortable. Jeans and Chinos ...
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    5 Best Beauty Treatment VS Home Remedies for Women

    ShareDevoid of the increase in technology, people are becoming busier with every passing day. Our routines become monotonous, and so sometimes we don’t get time for ourselves. When you cannot get time for yourself and you just work like a robot, then you seem like an aged, tired, and tanned person. Hence, you can get rid of such situation by ...
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    Tips for Buying Kids Clothes Online

    ShareBuying kids’ clothing from on shopping sites online has actually become a choice for many parents. A lot of parents weigh many options before coming to conclusion on this. It is tough enough wading through the traffic to get to work and get back home every day and on weekends when you are suppose to be resting, wading through the ...
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    Top 9 Best Stylish Summer Dresses of 2018

    ShareSynonym of endless fun; the summers are the best time to rejoice. Irrespective of the heat that some may have hatred towards, summers have undeniably something magical about it. Summers have always been about spreading positive vibes and dressing in the best of attires. The freedom of wearing anything and everything is what makes summers so special. Be it a ...
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    Things You Must Know About Remy Hair Before Shopping It

    ShareNowadays it’s normal to hear terms like “remy hair extension” when we’re having a conversation about natural hair extensions or wigs, but do we really understand what it means when we hear these words? What’s natural remy hair and where it comes from? Before explaining its definition, first, we need to acknowledge the fact that there’s a lot of bad ...