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    7 Jackets a woman must have

    ShareJackets are an essential piece of clothing that deserves a space in your wardrobes no matter what season it is. They shield you from any sudden changes in weather and act as a great addition to any kind of outfit. Women, in particular, have an option to experiment with different types of jackets and outfit combinations to create a winning ...
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    How to Choose a Wedding Hairstyle?

    ShareWhen you are preparing yourself for the wedding, it might be easy to select a dress and the wedding band. But, have you thought about the hairstyle just for impressing your mate? If that is the question in your mind, then here are some tips you should always follow. After scrolling ahead, you are sure to seek answers for questions ...
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    The Most Stylish Menswear Move Right Now!

    ShareAppearance is the first thing that is judged when you meet a person. Be it male or female, the top most thing that gives an impression is the appearance. Men’s Fashion is one element that is present everywhere and we follow it too in order to stay up to date, look stylish and feel young. Even though fashion trends are seemingly ...
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    Fashion Trends We’re Looking Forward in 2018

    ShareStyles may be endless, but fashion changes every year. If we talk about last few years, we have seen many fashion trends that excite the audience with branded items and people had also adopted it at that time. Even this year also start with the fascinating trends that you cannot miss. Everyone in this world wants to stay up to ...
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    Trending Groom Dress and Look – Rock the Fashion Charts This Season!

    ShareWhile of course there are a lot of stunning brides and bride dresses we always discuss, why should the grooms be left behind in his wedding? Here are some of the groom wedding dress ideas which will make any groom’s wedding look entailed to perfection in terms of décor, attire and wedding venues. Add a Simple Pink Kurta or Nehru ...
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    Latest Hairstyles Trend in 2018

    ShareAppearance is the most important thing nowadays, it shows our personality whenever we meet anyone so we always first see that the person is dressed properly or not. People look at your eyes, your lips, your outfit but what they don’t forget is how great and stylish your hair looked. Decent hair is something everybody wants to think of. Regular ...
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    10 must follow tips for Summer

    ShareIt’s that time of the year when you pull out your linen, your sleeveless floral dresses, and sunblock. The scorching heat could be tough on the skin, but you need not to worry. To avoid the hassles and keep your skin radiating like before, we have come up with easy steps. Just follow them and make summer’s your best friend. ...
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    The Benefits of Botox Treatments

    ShareCosmetic procedures around the world are gaining more and more popularity. For decades, Botox and mole removal treatments in Los Angeles and across the globe have been known to smooth out facial wrinkles and help a person achieve a younger looking appearance. However, the benefits of Botox are often overshadowed by the deep-rooted stereotypes that go hand-in-hand with Botox and ...
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    Everything you need to know about semi-permanent makeup

    ShareIf you haven’t heard about semi-permanent makeup, then it’s popularly known as micropigmentation. As the beautician tries to enhance the beauty, the temporary cosmetic tattooing gives a new look to your eyebrows. Basically, the procedure involves tiny particles of pigment that are introduced just beneath the skin. So, here’s everything you need to know about semi-permanent makeup. Microblading The procedure ...
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    Trends of fashion and its impact on society as well as students

    ShareFashion is all about looking good. In every sense of dressing style, footwear, makeup, and hairstyle and in maintaining a healthy body. Now day’s people really depend on the style and its new trends. Business industries mainly focus to attract people by launching new products and new dressing trends. Fashion is about one’s identity and presenting oneself. The definition of ...