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    6 Tips For The Care Of Cotton Clothes

    ShareA simple and effective trick to take care of our cotton clothes is to separate the colored clothes from the white ones when washing them. The clothes evolve and every time new techniques of creation of the garments are used. Many times we do not think about how we will wash a garment when we buy it in the store, ...
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    Top 6 Natural Hair Care Products for Healthy Growth of Hairs

    ShareAre you tired of using various natural hair care products and still don’t got results? Are you tired of using promising brands which guarantees for healthy growth of hair before buying and in the end all your effort goes into vain? You are not alone. According to a research, more than 50 million people in US alone suffers from hair ...
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    The Most-Asked Questions About Wedding Beauty Answered

    ShareWith so many things to consider for your big day – location, guestlist, dress – it can be easy (and natural) to get overwhelmed and quickly forget about your own self-care needs. Luckily, with a little bit of forward planning, you can stay on top of all these wedding demands and your beauty regime. To help you make the right ...
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    7 Accessories that match perfectly with Indian Sarees

    ShareHello Ladies! With the approaching festivals and wedding occasions, here comes the demand of wearing a stylish Saree along with a stunning blouse.  Nowadays, Sarees are extremely trendy and in vogue because it has an amazing fusion of traditional as well as western. To enhance the beauty of the outfit, there are certain accessories that you can add to add ...
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    The 10 Most Googled Questions About Wedding Photography Answered

    ShareA lot of people develop some form of pre-wedding anxiety as the days of weddings arrive. Some panic, some cry, some abscond, others withdraw, but there are a group of people who resort to the use of technology to assuage their fears. To calm themselves, they seek knowledge and information to be able to properly equip them for whatever challenges ...
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    Advice that every bride must know before your D-Day

    ShareI got married last year and mine was a rush wedding because we came from different faiths. Being a Christian, my parents wanted it to be a big fat Christian wedding but my husband is a Hindu baniya and we all know how important their only son’s wedding would be. None of us was ready to quit our faiths and ...
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    5 Timeless Summer Fashion Staples for Ladies On-The-Go

    ShareIn the summer months when the living is easy, you don’t want to be wasting time trying to put together outfits or finding yourself unable to fully enjoy the activity at hand because you are feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. This is why it is crucial to fill your wardrobe with the most versatile pieces possible so that you can ...
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    How to dress for a Summer Wedding?

    ShareDo you love winters? Well, we all do love winters a lot but summer too is a time when the sun is shining its glory and it is a great time to tie the knot with the person you are about to say those beautiful vows for your beautiful bride. The cold weather doesn’t last really long and then there ...
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    13 Georgette Kurtis That Is Just Impeccable To Add Up Extra Mile In Fashion Statement

    ShareIf in this world if there is any ethnic clothing item that is easy to wear, that should be definitely kurtis. One cannot deny the beauty of the motifs, flow textures and inspiring necklines in long georgette kurtis. As these kurtis are light and comfortable in nature they are easiest thing to maintain on this planet. You could effortlessly play ...
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    Makeup Tips to Look Like you’re Not Tired

    ShareIt might happen that you had an extremely tiring day in office or did not have a good last night’s sleep. This would certainly make you feel as well as look quite tired. Most importantly, all the tiredness shows up on your face. Now, even after you are very tired, there might be an important party, event or a social ...