A New Sizzling Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Poster Features Cruise and Cobie Smulders


Tom Cruise is a most famous actor of Hollywood all over the world, and people are waiting to see his next movie. And the new movie is all set to release on October 21. Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media have just released a new Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Poster that features Tom Cruise back to back with Cobie Smulders both looks very good in the poster and it seems that we will have so much action in the movie.




Tagline is really inspiring “Never Give in, Never Give Up, Never Go Back”. Check out the cool poster below and trailer. But in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Cobie Smulders gets a chance to play an action hero in a world without brief men and skyscraper toppling green giants.

In the Jack Reacher sequel, she plays important role Susan Turner, a complete armed badass with Ranger training. When the movie begins, Susan has taken over from Cruise’s Reacher as the leader of an internal military analysis unit. Turner and Reacher both respect each other and their work and there’s the spark of something more, These are two people who don’t have time to date,” Turner.

“Both started a relationship just by being a friendly to each other and that gradually gain something more, that they started getting know later, Reacher finally decides to seek out Turner, and might be ask her out too”

Things changes really faster and everything go twisted, as they often do in Reacher’s world, and both of them run from a complex plan. You will enjoy watching these dynamic characters, who are used to being alone. But as the circumstance make them to work together. At first, that goes unbearably incorrect, and after that they have to reconsider themselves.” After the conclusion they comes to the additional impediment: A teen girl played by Heroes Reborn’s Danika Yarosh, who claim to be Reacher’s daughter. Gradually she becomes a vital part in the movie, so now the story is weird and dynamic. As per Smulder’s her temperament did not ask to be saddle with this kind of accountability, and so there’s continuous clashing of information. At the same time all of them are being hunted, all being chased. Check out trailer below.


Let’s wait till the release of this movie, We will surely enjoy chemistry between Reacher and Turner till now you have seen Cruise alone, let’s see how he perform with a badass partner like Turner.


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