5 of the Most Powerful Moments in Musical Plays


Musical plays can evoke some of the strongest emotions available to us. As members of an audience, a great performance can be life-changing in some instances. 

It helps when you have a great cast, but there are some storylines that come through time and time again, regardless of who is playing the characters. We’re going to take a look at 5 of the most moving moments in musical plays, giving you some direction on what to see next. 

Let’s get started:

1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

While the first impression of this song for most people was from the film, this piece has been sung over and over on the stage. 

Something about Dorothy singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow strikes a chord with almost everyone who’s ever felt stuck in the situation they’re in. At the very least, it captured the imagination of people across the world and has done so since it came out in 1939. 

2. King George in Hamilton

Hamilton is packed with groundbreaking material and performances. It’s no wonder that the play literally swept the world and is still the hottest thing on broadway. 

Note the performance of King George, played by Jonathan Groff. He’s got a way of annunciating and exuding the wry evil of empire while making the experience all too comical. Check out more on Jonathan Groff to get a feel for his other performances.

3. Defying Gravity

Edina Menzel’s performance of Defying Gravity in Wicked is another one of the theater’s most memorable moments. 

The song is a brilliant exploration of courage and strength, performed to perfection by Edina. If you’re looking for an uplifting tale to get you back in the saddle of life, we recommend giving this one a shot. 

4. I Dreamed a Dream

Les Miserables is a play that has existed for over 100 years but rose to massive fame in 2012 when it was sent to the silver screen. 

One performance to have a tissue on hand for is Anne Hathaway’s rendition of I Dreamed a Dream. The combination of her situation in the play and her raw ability to act and sing with emotion make this one of the great moments in theatrical history. 

5. Summer Nights

There’s something that hits the spot about Grease’s original song Summer Nights. Danny and Sandy experience an archetypal form of timeless high school love, and the song captures that feeling almost perfectly. 

If you were in high school during the late 70s, that feeling is probably even more intense when you hear the song. Regardless of a person’s age, though, Summer Nights transcends into a category that can touch almost anyone

It’s funny, too, considering the play is a classic teenage drama. Who knew that high school could stories could hit such deep places in so many people?

Want to Learn More about Musical Plays?

Going into depth on musical plays is just about as enjoyable as watching them. There’s a lot of history, craft, and nuance to all musicals, and the experience is enriched when you understand all of those pieces. 

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