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    Ideal Height and Weight Chart

    ShareA decent pen of how much your body fat is the weight dimension. Although it’s an incomplete step, it gives a fast examination of the quantity of your body is made out of fat. Nevertheless, many could want to deduce the ‘ideal’ weight they ought to be weighing, below is a general overview. Below is an overview for the ‘perfect’ ...
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    What Are The Eyedrops for Chalazion?

    ShareA chalazion is a common condition that is mainly caused by the blockage of a gland in your eyelid, and it looks like a little lump. Luckily, it rarely becomes an infection and can be cured with only the injection or a minor operation. If so, then what are the eyedrops for chalazion? Use the anti-inflammatory eye drops or ointments ...
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    10 fantastic ways to make your fitness routine more fun!

    Share 10 fantastic ways to make your fitness routine more fun! by FactDr
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    Differences between Himalayan Salt and Table Salt

    ShareA few years ago, salt was deemed as a necessary ingredient in all our foods. And this was not just because of the taste that salt imparts to our food, but also because of the health benefits we get by including salt in our diets. Now that our world has started questioning even the most basic and mainstream constituents of ...
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    Healthy Snacks to Bring for Your Roadtrip

    ShareGoing on a road trip will always be an exciting feeling. You get to be out of town with your friends or family with nothing to think about but to have a grand time. Most importantly, you take on a road trip to relax and take your mind off some things for a while. For some people, it’s typical to ...
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    Big Food, Big Pharma and Our Health

    ShareOn April 12th, 2018, two of the most prominent doctors in the UK health system raised their voice against pervasive unjust practices that have taken grip of the health and wellbeing of residents in Europe and across the world.  Speaking out about Big Pharma and Big Food, these two frank and honest doctors sought to bring to light many of ...
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    Top 11 Health Benefits of Yoga

    ShareWe are endowed with Cardio respiratory Capacity (the ability of the body to take in oxygen and to deliver it to the cells for the creation of bioenergetics for physical work), Muscular framework (refers to spectrum of muscular capability that improves overall posture, joint mobility, etc.), Nervous system (that records information and coordinates all the functions of the body) and ...
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    Eat Sleep and Play to Be Young and Fit

    ShareImmortality for human beings is something that cannot be achieved. That is why, as the years roll by, we slowly drift to old age. This might not be good news to some or all of us since who wish to have that young and fit body till eternity. However, it is possible to keep that young and fit body for ...
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    Let’s discuss about some common acid reflux symptoms

    ShareWhat is Acidic Reflux? Acidic reflex is a burning sensation in the chest area which is also called as a chronic disease which is often caused by acidic content reaching to the esophagus part which makes the person uneasy and burning in the stomach. The Acidic Reflux symptoms are mostly seen in young people butaccording to doctors, the people who ...
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    Workouts which Burn 1000 Calories

    ShareThey say there’s no pain, no gain, and that’s certainly true when it comes to the world of exercise. If you really want to make the most out of your exercise sessions, you’re going to have to ensure that you really put in the time and effort to make a difference. Some exercises can push your body considerably further, burning ...