Best Acid Reflux Diet


Most common and usual digestive problem for everyone now-a-days is acid reflux. It is a digestive problem which attacks the digestive system. To get on this problem people try to follow different medications and personal diets. By taking prescribed medications alongside with perfect recommended Reflux Diet can help people to get relief from the acid reflux.

The main food and ingredients to be avoided for the people who suffer from the acid reflux are avoiding acid enriched food, can give relief from the heartburn. Another one is fatty food with high-fat content also causes symptoms related to acid reflux and quitting smoking and alcohol is also better for the acid reflux patients.

Here given the best ingredient diet to be followed in the everyday diet plan for the patients to avoid acid reflux pains and symptoms from their life and they will get some relief from the acid reflux.

Grains and Fibre:

According to the U.S dietary, the most recommended diet for the acid reflux patients is grains with high fibre. Whole grains are the best when compared to refined grains because Whole grains contain dietary fibre and diet with high fibre can decrease the risk of reflux symptoms and it gives relief. Best examples of rich fibre content food items are popcorn, whole-grain rice cereal, whole-grain oat pancakes, whole-grain bagels, pasta, and bread.

Protein food:

Food with high-fat content can trigger acid reflux it causes more sequential problems to the patients and one more important thing is the person who weighs more must decrease their weight because it may accelerate reflux problems. Weight control is also important to follow. Food with high protein can be friendly to acid reflux and Lean skinless chicken, fish, tuna, and egg whites are the best examples of comparatively low-fat protein source for the people with acid reflux. Best resources of the proteins are nuts, seeds, and beans. By taking fibre in rich quantity it can help to fight with acid reflux.

Fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are the best one for the patients with acid reflux. By including the vegetables and fruits in the everyday diet for them results in the best relief from the acid reflux symptoms and related health issues. But all vegetables and fruits are not good for the patients, the vegetables and fruits with a high content of fibre can help. But the vegetables or fruits with acidic nature can make worse results to patients, for example, tomato, oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits are all the fruits of acidic nature. Better to take fruits like bananas, melons, and mangoes with fibre content can be healthful to acid reflux patients. And lastly, vegetables are less acidic than fruits so it is better to serve plates with the best vegetables.

Milk products:

Dairy foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese are the good sources to control acid reflux because these products contain high proteins and nutrients. But the products must be free from fat and non-fat products are the best for the reflux patients. For some people who have a problem with dairy products like cow milk allergy, for those available substitutes are there like soy, almond milk, cheese, and yogurt can be used in their diet.

Chewing gums:

A small tip for the best digestion for the reflux patients is chewing gum. In lunchtime intervals just chewing gums can give best results in digestion. Because the process of digestion in reflux patients is very hard that’s why by chewing gum can create saliva and it makes digest fast in the stomach. As much as saliva produces it digests food as quickly by chewing gums between two to three hours also shows the best results in the digestive process.

Low-Acid foods:

The main reason for the cause of acid reflux is acidic food it is the main cause. So, keeping it away is the best one to be healthy. Always try to remove acid based food in the everyday diet because it gives almost 90% relief to health. The main acidic nature food materials are tomatoes, lemons, and oranges etc. these are the materials which contain acidic nature. Better to avoid these types of foods in the diet.

Foods that give relief to heartburn:

The most painful and uneasy acid reflux symptom is heartburn in people. In order to decrease this pain, it is better to choose the food which is related to neutralize heartburn in reflux patients. The food materials which give the best relief to heartburn in patients are Fennel, Ginger, Parsley, and Aloe Vera etc. These are the food materials to be used in the diet to lessen the feel of heartburn due to acid reflux.

Lean meat:

Everyone wants to eat non-veg at least once in a week but some people think that who have acid reflux could not eat meat but it is not true. By removing the skin of chicken or turkey everyone can have their non-veg dish happily. But some measures to be taken they are chicken must be grilled, boiled, baked or poached but it should not be fried. Chicken, turkey, fish, and seafood are allowed to eat for the acid reflux patients. Even egg white also is good for them but not yolk in it.

Unsaturated Fats:

Taking fat content food can harm the patients with acid reflux. But some fats are available like avocados, walnuts, flaxseed, olive oil, sesame oil, and sunflower oil these are the friendly fats to acid reflux which do not trigger acid reflux. Because intake saturated fats will be harmful but these unsaturated fats are harmless to reflux patients.


Following a recommended diet may keep reflux problem under control and make little bit easy to patients with these diseases. Some general tips to be followed like not wearing of tight clothes and sleep in a recommended bed to the reflux patients.


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