7 Tips to improve your TV signal with Caravan Antenna


Many people travel in their RV’s or caravans to cut from their everyday life. But some don’t want to miss their regular TV shows, movies, and other entertainment channel updates. For this, they carry TV sets with them and try to manage for a clear reception with the help of caravan antenna. These antennas are very powerful and easily catch the signals, but people generally face the problem when they are unable to get clear perceptions of TV signals. They try hard to get the best signals but generally have to face failure for the same. To overcome this problem, here are 7 tips to improve your TV signal with Caravan Antenna.

7 Tips to get improved TV Signal on Caravan

1 Always go for Outdoor antennas:

While purchasing a Caravan Aerial, you get two options to choose from, internal and external caravan antennas. The internal antennas are easy to manage and you can place them where ever you like to. But there can be a reception problem as the body of the caravan is made up of metal and it might interpret the signals.

But on another hand, outdoor antennas are mounted on the roof which catches a high range of TV signals with improved receptions. Also, the new-age antennas are enabled with channel boosters which catch the signal more precisely.

2 Take help of websites to check the directions:

While moving out for road trips on the caravan, there are times when you go to certain remote locations where it’s quite hard to get the required reception. At this moment people try to change the directions of the antenna, in order to catch the signals, but they usually fail to get the exact direction.

Here, the internet can help in finding the suitable direction of different channels. There are various online websites which guide you about the local channels and directions in which you should move the antenna. The external caravan areas allow you to move the antenna in a particular direction to catch the proper reception of the channels.

3 Always go for elevated models with Caravan Aerials:

The TV signals are generally featured at greater heights, which makes it hard to catch the signals at low altitude areas. To get the best, try to buy models which have the options of elevations. With antennas at a higher height can help you get a better signal quality. If you have a satellite antenna fitted on your caravan, make sure it has a clear line of sight.

4 Apply Boosters for strong signals:

The caravan TV aerial often have to problems to catch the signals. They are not powered to such an extent to catch the signals. It is also the distance problem which often hampers the quality of reception with the TV channels. But by installing the signal booster, one can override this problem forever. The signal boosters power up the antennas to catch the reception and provide a better range of TV signals. Most of the modern caravan antennas come pre-installed with them but you can also purchase them from electronic stores individually.

5 Signal Finders:

In most of the countries, the TV signals are transmitted in two bandwidths VHF and UHF. The TV antenna should be such that it should be compatible with both the signals. But users generally face the problem while searching the signals, here, signal finders can assist in finding the suitable signals available near you. It is quite easy to plug the antenna with the signal finder and try rotating it until you get proper reception of the signal.

6 Antenna Cables:

In order to save money, people generally rely on low-quality connection cables. Being made up of poor quality material, they are unable to deliver the required quality of reception and often intercept the signal. Try to get the high-quality cables to connect the antenna with the TV. Try for RG6 coaxial cables which are made up of best quality material.  If you are confused about the quality, try to switch the wires at your home and check its reception quality.

7 Check the conditions of the Antenna

In this tip, you must be aware of the working conditions of your antenna. The Caravan TV Aerials are very sensitive and being susceptible to the outer atmosphere, they have to bear with other conditions. Some of the conditions which affect the quality or TV signal perceptions are:

  • Prone to rust:

Caravan antennas are made up of metal and they are fitted at the roof of the vehicle. As the major part of the antenna is exposed to the outer atmosphere, there are chances of their degradation. Being prone to dust, rain, bird dropping highly affect the TV signal. It is advisable to take care of the Caravan Antenna from these conditions to get a better TV signal.

  • Connectors:

Connectors are also made up of metals and can be prone to rust. If you are casing problem to get a clear TV reception, try to change the connectors if they are prone to dust. Always go for screw type connectors which are easy to connect and disconnect when not in use.

  • Wall connections:

In this condition, both the antenna and the wall of the caravan are affected due to water leaks and condensation. It badly corrodes the surface in contact. Try to go with the removable antennas for caravans. This will help you in disassembling the caravan antennas when not in use.

  • Channel Boosters:

The most common problems with the channel boosters is that they are often prone to lightning.  It is important to be careful while using them in storms and bad weather conditions.

In conclusion, the Caravan aerial assist in getting high-quality TV signals for better entertainment. But there are certain reasons, which might hamper in watching your favorite shows in a caravan. In the above article, you can check out these 7 tips to improve your TV signal with caravan antenna.


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