What Needs to Be Test and Tag Brisbane?


Electronic gadgets and appliances have a certain lifespan. However, it is also necessary for you to test them periodically even if their lifespan is not yet over. Such periodical tests will tell you whether an appliance or a gadget is faulty or in perfect working condition. Such tests will also reveal any possibility of future defects with an electronic product.

Testing electronic gadgets and appliances are carried out professionals, who are knowledgeable and skilled in such work. It basically involves two parts to the entire process. The first involves visual inspection of a gadget or appliance. The second part involves electronic testing with the help of a Portable Appliance Tester.

Once an appliance is successfully tested by ETS Brisbane, it has to be properly tagged. This tag will have the name of the person who tested the product, the date for the next test, and the condition of the appliance, whether it is suitable for use or not. You will also find such tags on brand new electronic appliances or gadgets that you may buy from a store.

What All Devices Need To Be Tested And Tagged?

The best answer to this question is any device that has a removable plug, exceeds 50V of current, and has a flexible cable should be tested and tagged. This obviously includes cord sets, extension leads, and even your portable RCDs. There are two classes of electrical appliances.

  1. The first class includes all those appliances or gadgets that are earthed, such as irons, toasters, and kettles.
  2. The second class involves all those double insulated appliances that are normally identified with the help of a special symbol or with the help of the words, “Double Insulated.” These include hair dryers and electric drills.

Any new appliance need not be tested all the time. Just a visual inspection and tagging should be enough for it.

Who Can Test And Tag Electrical Devices?

Most of you believe that a professional electrician should test and tag electronic appliances and gadgets. This is basically a misconception and not at all correct. Any person can be considered suitable to carry out the job of testing and tagging electronic devices. All you need to do is undertake a special test and tag course, after which you will acquire the required skills and knowledge to use a PAT or Portable Appliance Tester.

Who All Need To Test and Tag Their Appliances, Machines, and Devices?

Almost every industry should get their devices, appliances, and machines tested and tagged by a specialist. However, the frequency at which these industries should check their equipment depends on the way they use these machines. For example, demolition and construction companies need to get their machines and equipment tested and tagged every 3 months. This is mainly due to the harsh nature in which they use their equipment. It is very easy for their machines to get damaged within a few days or months of use. On the other hand, machines used in offices or other workplaces need to be tested and tagged once every 12 months.


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