Top 4 Qualities to look for in a Cordless Impact Drill

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The Cordless Impact drill is one of the most used power tools with wide range of features. These are available in different sizes and configurations like 12V,18Vand 20v power.

These machines have lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that you can charge for to use the machine.

They work for longer hours at one-time charge as they have longer battery life. The impact drill machine gives several varieties of power tool options in a single device.

The cordless impact drill comes with different features and options. You should choose from the most powerful dewalt drill(20v/18V)that will meet all your requirements.

These devices are used for both commercial and residential purposes. Hence you should choose the right device which you require for different works.

For example; a home owner requires less power tool rather a commercial work requires high power device to their work. This differs from both the requirements. Here are some of the qualities you can check to decide right cordless impact drill.


The voltage option is must checked with this power tool that differs on multiple works. The voltage power of impact drill includes 12V, 18V and 20V.

The residential drill works requires less power tools where the commercial works requires high voltage machines.

Hence choose the device which provides right measures to your work. The heavy power tools won’t be required home owners where the low power machines don’t use to commercial works.


The cordless impact drill doesn’t require any wire connection as they contain rechargeable batteries.

They can be used in multiple tools that the same batteries can be used for this device.

This benefits you to use these batteries on several other devices like circular saw, portable cutter and etc.

Quick charging:

The Charging of cordless impact drill is most important your device should charge quickly.

There are number of uses with this machine and hence you may have many works. The quick charging device will help your machine to get fast charging for use.

The normal device will charge a period of 15 to 25 minutes and hence you can use this device for different works.

When purchasing a cordless impact drill on Play Drills than check the quick charging option with the merchant. This will help you to get quick charge and get right power to your machine.

High Torque:

Torque is most important feature to expect in a cordless drill machine. The torque features will help the machine to get extra performance and come with higher voltage level.

These kinds of machines have longer life span and will add extra power to the drill. The torque option should not be neglected in the power drill machine. You can switch between different torque levels with this device.

When you need less power then switch the torque to less power. This benefits home users to effectively use impact drill machines. There are several other factors included but these are the top among them. Hence this will help you to get right cordless impact drill machine on your requirements.


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