Impact of Student’s Use of Technology on Their Learning Achievements


In this modern, the technological growth has allowed people to do anything. In the olden days’ people not much aware of the happenings around the world. But now people know everything about the happenings. It has influenced everyone’s life from all aspects. The technology has influenced approximately every meadow as well as the education system. The influence of technology in the field of education field is further than measure. Technology has changed everyone’s life and every field. In the present day, students completely depend on technology and new developments. Technology has improved students achievements in school colleges and also in universities. It has a huge impact on education which no one can deny. Technology has improved the quality and quantity of education. Not only it has improved learning quality but also it has improved teaching quality too. Teachers now a day’s uses computers and other devices, to make the classroom more effective and interesting. Parents always want the best for their children so they select colleges and schools which are going hand in hand with the modern era. Because in future their children have to compete with such people and if they don’t have knowledge about modern tools and techniques they will face failure in their life so they select best out of best. So now all schools and colleges are planning with a smart classroom where students get real learning experience which will provide the new knowledge and new skill which will help them in future.

Learning With Technology

Technology has brought a big change in the life of students. It helped and will help them to achieve a good result in their academic career. Technology has brought a major gain or profit in the student’s success and makes the better engagement. Technology has incorporated learning and teaching process. It is obviously having an optimistic outcome on ever-increasing students accomplishment through examination score and the attainment of new-fangled skills. It has changed every aspect of the world. The growth of technology helped us to live a better and quality life. Technology allowed us to communicate, become skilled at, occupation and connect with world and people in a different way and mode. To compete and face the modern age students must possess the excellence in technology literacy, acquaintance, proficiency, the capability and ability for lifetime learning and other skills. The influence and use of technology in the field of education helped students to attain technological proficiency and to attain technology-based skills which are really important to attain international competency.

Learning With Internet

The academic life of students is filled with new hindrance and a new goal. Academic life includes Projects, assignments, seminar, class debate, the class discussion soon. In olden days students find it very difficult as they don’t have any kind of reference tool they had to completely depend on libraries. But now everything is changed. Now such works never give much stress to the students. They easily handle it with the help of technology. Students do their assignments with the help of technology. The traditional forms of books and papers have turn out to be an old story and students make use of technologies like computers and other devices to complete their assignments and their other academic works. They also use technology for further materials and for information on particular subject and topics. Research is showing that students in this modern era completely depend on technology for study materials and they download other information from the internet. A large number of students use home computers to do their projects and assignments and make use of text message to converse and discuss with their friends about the school assignments and class homework. By this, we can understand that our young generation people are completely depending on technological devices and technological facilities to make their career more bright full and shinning.

Skilled Teachers

Not only students but also teachers are completely depending on technological devices and they completely use the technological facility to provide quality teaching and to get quality output from the students. Teachers now don’t depend much on a traditional method like textbook oriented teaching. Teachers also provide quality teaching by the use of technology. It helped to attract the attention of the students and it helped the teachers to grab the attention of the students. For new generation people, the use of technology is very important to attain a quality lifestyle. Students use the internet more and more rather than textbooks. Most of the students say that the use of internet helped them to decrease their stress and tension. They can use and download study related materials whenever they need. It helped them to save time and to concentrate on studies.

Use of technology helped the students to master in fundamental and basic skills which are very important. When teacher use computers in the classroom it helped them to experience the real life feeling. This will sustain in their mind forever. Use of technological learning aids helps teachers to finish the chapters easily and without much stress. Teachers can clarify their doubt any questions with the help of internet. So in every sense, we can say that technology has brought a drastic change in people’s life. Without much stress and strain, students can concentrate in class and teachers can play the role of instructor. Students with practice right to use technology become skilled at basic skills more rapidly and improved when they have a chance to practice them using technology. By the use of technology, we can prepare the students to attain the aim and goal of their life. They can lead a successful life and compete with the upcoming challenges. By using browser students can understand the depth of information. Without much doubt, they can proceed with chapters. The online test also helps them to understand the difficult parts of the syllabus. They can easily evaluate them self and try to improve without anyone’s help. So in every sense technology helped the students to concentrate and to live academic journey stress-free. But excess use also makes a negative effect on health and mind. But it depends on the individual how to use when to use and how often to use. So, in conclusion, we can say that technology is like a miracle which shown its magic in every field.


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