Here’s How You Can Get Back with Your Ex-girlfriend

Get your ex-girlfriend back

There are some common mistakes that people make over and over in their relationships. So having a plan will not only help you in reducing the confusion but also gives you a sense of direction. In situations like when you are not so sure about yourself, your ex, or your relationship, a good directed plan will provide you something to always look forward to. This post is all about the mistakes that people should avoid in the process of getting back with their ex.

Winning back your ex-girlfriend back is not that difficult. The tough part about the relationship is that keeping them. But don’t forget that they left you once and they may leave you again. But what is the point in getting back when you can keep them? So today, in this post, we have divided the process of getting back your ex-girlfriend into few steps so that you can clearly understand each step and follow easily to get your ex-girlfriend back.

So, this post is exclusively for those who have no idea and find tips to get back with ex. It is never too late to rekindle the relationship with your ex. But in the process of getting back with her, there are certain dos and don’ts which everyone needs to follow otherwise you may end up breaking up with your girlfriend again. So here are our top, best 7 steps for people who are trying to get back with their ex.

It is very common to make up with exes and try to move on. If there is a chance of getting back together then you can make things work between you and her. Before you proceed any further, there are some basic ground rules to follow that will help you to get back with your ex-girlfriend.

Start with a simple text

At times, absence makes your heart grow fonder and at other times, it makes you too desperate and seeks out other people. End of the story never starts your rebound relationship with a call. First, try sending a simple “Hi” or “Hello” text. And again, be careful if you are sending anything else other than hi or hello because texts can be deceptive and will make your ex think that you are looking for a booty call.

Think about some beautiful memories that shared with your ex and try to make a conversation. For example, text her by saying “I was listening to music and heard that our favorite song. Felt nostalgic. I miss those days.” In case, she replies, then you can continue the conversation by asking her how they are doing, etc.

Of course, getting back with ex is not an easy task. You broke up with your partner for a reason and you both very well know that reason. If you know and understand those reasons, there’s probably chance for you both to fall back into the past and rectify them and work when you were a couple.

Take Things Slow with Your Ex

Never ever push your ex to make an instant decision about you and your relationship. Because she/he should not think that you are here for a one night stand or booty call. There is absolutely no point in rushing things. It doesn’t hurt to slow things down and take a breath before you proceed to next step.

Have a Better Understanding on Why You Want to Get Back with Your Ex

Before you make your ex understand why they should get back with you, you first need to have a clear understanding of your relationship with your ex. You question yourself whether it is worth pursuing a relationship with your ex or is it going to end to bad again.

Now wondering how to be sure whether you want to or have to get back with your ex or is it another passing cloud sign? Well, then here are the 7 signs that you shouldn’t ignore your post-breakup.

Every person after ending a relationship will think about whether they should have given another try. It is usual. Well then here are our top 7 signs that you should consider post-breakup if you have any doubts about your relationship with your ex.

Apply No Contact Rule

 Instead of screaming, do something that may give you a chance to get back with your ex-girlfriend. Now, coming back to the point, the meaning of no contact rule is simple. Just as the name says, you should not contact your ex soon after your breakup, say at least for a couple of weeks. Regardless of the gender you are, you need to follow this rule. This no contact rule is a common rule for everyone and it works in most of the relationships.

Thinking of what’s the point of this no contact rule and how long you desperately need to wait? Well, this is all up to you and how your mind thinks about your relationship. Of course, your ex-girlfriend also plays an important part in this whole scenario. The very first point of this no contact rule is to give you some quality time to heal after your breakup thing so that you can later peacefully think about your relationship and whether you want to or not to get back with your ex.

 Do not:

 — Text

— Call

— Run into them

— Keep Facebook and WhatsApp statuses

In order to make up with your ex instantly, you need to show them that you are a changed person and learned your lessons from your experience and now, you are trying to be a better person. Of course, this ain’t overnight task. It is going to take some days or probably months for you to convince your ex that you are no more a person who they used to know. But have trust and faith, things will eventually fallen into place.


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