• Google's IO Keynote

    Google’s IO Keynote Announcements

    ShareGoogle’s IO keynote conference was held yesterday. The company did have a few interesting things to say, but overall Google seems to be slowing down where innovation is concerned. In case you missed the highlights, here’s everything you need to know about what Google is doing now. Artificial Intelligence Google made a big deal out of artificial intelligence during the ...
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    Pokemon GO Latest Update: plus Device permanence Enhanced, Egg Tracking also Improved

    ShareThere is no top secret about that Pokemon Go has recently received a new update from Niantic. But a new one has been just released; only it arrived as a pleasant surprise. It is basically meant to bring better performance stability to the Pokemon Go Plus device. You will also observe egg tracking mark has also been enhanced. It will ...
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    iPhone 7 Key Features, UK Price and Release Date

    ShareiPhone mobile is something that really attract every age group people. Apple has just released the new next generation of the iPhone at its yearly event in SF Today- The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus. Let’s check out what Apple has offered in that new phone. Today, Apple has open an upgraded iPhone that, while aesthetically alike to iPhone6s and ...
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    ‘Buddy’ System for Pokémon Go

    ShareDo you want more fun in your Pokémon Go game?  Now you can be friend a Meowth and can have a chat with Snorlax, Yes Niantic lab is soon going to announce about it. The developer is officially planning to add a new ‘buddy’ system in to the Pokémon Go game. Details are a bit of little on what, accurately, ...
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    Pokemon Go Quitters and Players: Who is still playing?

    ShareThe increased fact of recent popular mobile game has been out in Canada for about six weeks, millions of players are crazy to play pokemon Go worldwide. But after time goes people are not really playing it at all. If we talk about the recent poll that is conducted by Research Company found only 10% of respondents were still playing ...
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    Pokemon GO’ Generation 2 Release Date Update: 100 New Pokemon anticipated What You Need to ...

    ShareMost of the Pokemon Players are waiting to see update on game. Most of them are looking forward to see new creatures that will purportedly come in generation 2 update. Till now, Pokemon Go generation 1 features is having around total 145 Pokemon,  out of 150 in the pokedex, with 4 region exclusive creature. At San Diego Conic Con 2016, ...
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    Will Nokia Come Back Again in The Smartphone Market with New Marketing Chief Pekka Rantala

    ShareFew years back when most of us were using Nokia mobile, but after the revolution in smartphone most we started using iPhone, Samsung, MicroMax mobile. Now the company is all set to hit the market again the Finnish company has already found its new chief marketing Pekka Rantala, Yes you know him as well as the earlier CEO of Angry ...
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    Pokémon Go Tracker Feature is Back with a Bang

    Share  Pokémon Go Update: tracker feature back with a Bang Pokémon GO’s latest updated version with tracking features finally rolled out. You will also see battery save mode. At the same time tracking features is still in testing. Most of the players were unhappy because Niantic Labs had removed tracker features and battery save mode.  Now the third party apps ...
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    Prisma app gets an update with Cropping Feature and more

    SharePrisma has already made up a mark with such innovative apps that will surely create revolution in photography. And now Prisma is ready with new update with latest new features. Till now most of the updates were bug fixes and stable improvements, but the latest update has already applied in iOS and Android both. Now with the latest version of ...
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    Pokemon Go Game Alternative Latest News Update

    ShareMost of us those who are crazy for playing pokemon Go, must be aware with the news about Pokevision that application that gave a map to where pokemon generate in pokemon Go. The public who made it were not joined with Niantic, and did so by undo engineering how the app communicate with Niantic’s servers and impersonate that communication using ...