Why is having regular sex important for your health?


A neat sex life sounds like going to an unwanted date, but mostly it is a romance that has many positive effects on a person’s overall health. Medicine has proven numerous times with its research that regular sex strengthens the immune system, improves pubic muscles, provides better libido, lowers blood pressure, maintains a healthy spirit, reduces the risk of heart attack, eliminates pain, reduces the risk of prostate cancer and improves sleep.

Medical students researched the effects of sex on antibodies in the blood. They found that people who had sex once or twice a week had up to twice as many antibodies in their blood responsible for stronger immunity than those who abstained, although it is clear that sex does not cure all diseases. There are also speculations that reproductive organ cancer may be activated due to decreased sexual activity. So far, these are just assumptions, and there is no definite evidence of this.

Also, regular sex is significant for proper bladder function. Whenever you have an orgasm, the contraction of pubic muscles certainly makes them stronger. Strong pubic muscles keep the bladder vital. About 30% of the total female population suffers from a weak bladder after 55 years of age.

Besides, having regular sex is not just about sex. Good libido also affects the body as an antidepressant. A desirable person is a happy person, and confidence greatly affects mental health. Also, there is incredible relief after an orgasm. By releasing the hormone of happiness, we bring the body to homeostasis. Stress is removed from the system, and blood pressure returns to normal.

Sex also counts as physical activity. Some even see it as a sport, since 20 minutes of sex burns the same amount of calories as if you were running for ten minutes. In addition to keeping your body in shape, it can also be a factor in staying slim and fit. Regular sex also maintains hormones such as estrogen and testosterone in homeostasis. Well-balanced hormones are the prevention of many diseases, and low levels of these hormones can cause a heart attack or osteoporosis.

Besides, an orgasm is a strange thing that has the power to ward off most body aches. It is the best remedy to relieve headaches or other peripheral pain, such as PMS pain or even arthritic problems. For men, ejaculation is a significant health factor. Doctors came up with an incredible cure number of 21 ejaculations per month. It doesn’t have to be during sex with the woman every time, they say, cause even masturbation helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer. For that reason, it is good to watch porn, or also play online sex games, cause the best free sex games can get you cum in a second.

Finally, most people, after having sex, fall into the most beautiful sleep. The body calms down just as if it were under sedation. This is what they call healthy sleep. Sleeping without worry and no stress what tomorrow will be like.


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